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Shrooms and Spice

2.2g magic mushrooms first time

Last night was my first time trying shrooms. I had been planning this for over a month and was extremely excited to try it. I decided to wait until my friend was back in town that had tried shrooms and many other hallucinogens before. 

So we get to his house and at 10:30 pm we decide to take them, I had about 2g of shrooms and he had about 1.5. I had eaten not too long before so I was not on an empty stomach but my friend was so he started to feel the effects about 15-20 minutes after eating and was ready to go for a walk. So we go outside and smoke a bowl of MJ and continue a walk outside. We live in the desert so it was a nice place to trip.

About 45 minutes on the walk he is talking about everything he is starting to see and I have no idea what he is saying and I start to worry that I am not going to trip so I decide to head to the bank to withdraw cash and get more shrooms. I'm driving my friend to the bank and he starts mumbling about being trapped so I hurry to the bank, just to realize my friend didn't have any shrooms to sell. So I go back to my friends house and I start to feel it as I'm parking in his driveway and I tell him we're going on another walk.

It is about 11:30 pm and I want to go explore the vast desert. We start walking and I look down and it looks like I'm looking through a magnifying glass, the ground is just huge and weird but, amazing. At this point it's really kicking in and we continue walking in the desert towards the railroad tracks by our town. We pass some really creepy house with no lights on that I just had a really bad feeling about so we walk around it find this spot not too far away from the railroad tracks that had gravel on the floor instead of dirt to sit in. I start making these intricate designs in the gravel that just amaze me and I'm a little overwhelmed so I try closing my eyes but realize that doesn't help because I'm starting to see closed eyed visuals. I look up and it is cloudy and the moon is incredibly bright and I see so many designs and movement in the sky, I'm just absolutely fascinated.

Finally, a couple trains drive by and the lights in the front of the train look like some sort of angelic light at the end of the tunnel, and when the train passes by some parts disappear and blend in with the night and it is going so fast and beautifully it just mesmerizes us. After what felt like hours but was really about 45 mins out there sitting in gravel we notice a car passing by us and realize how close we are to a road. The car pulls in behind us near that house we passed by. We then realize we are pretty close to the house and that the car was a cop. So we start to really freak out and walk towards civilization and throw the pipe and the weed. At this point, I was forced to come back to reality and every bad situation that could happen was running through my head making me feel horrible. The cop ended up not chasing us, he just parked at the house and waited for us to leave. After getting lost in our own neighborhood, we confusingly find our way back home.

We relax knowing that we are safe now and decide to play some trippy music videos to change the mood. My friend chose the music so I do not know what was played but, it was incredible. I know some Beck and Radiohead was played but, every video that came on was a trip of its own and I started questioning life and my own existence during every video until it ended. After that, it was about 2:30 am- 3:00 am and we start to experience the "after-glow". I was sober enough to comprehend everything around us but was still a little trippy. Since we threw our weed out we decide to smoke our alternative (spice) to continue the trip or at least feel something. I was a little worried because spice sometimes gives me a really intense high but we do it anyways. At that point, the trip/high went downhill.

The energy became really negative and sad, and it ended up with my friend telling me about his and his family's past and current drug abuse. It really saddened me seeing how it ruined his life and his family's lives and I realized that synthetic drugs, and drugs that really harm your body really aren't worth it.

During this trip I re-discovered who I was before drugs and my morals and feelings toward them, which I had completely forgotten and didn't care about anymore. I really enjoyed this trip even though I had two terrible moments that night, it was for the better.

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