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5.3g... Craziest Trip Yet

Extreme Visuals and Mind Fuck

First, a little background to my previous hallucinogen experience. I started doing mushrooms right after I graduated high school, when I turned 18. Did 3.5g in the morning by myself and had a very spiritual experience, and one that I did not expect. From that point on, moving into my first year of college, I did mushrooms about every month and a half or so. Didn't have any visuals at all until my 3rd trip, despite the fact that I did at least 3.5g for the first 5 of my trips. The 5th trip i had is the trip I am going to be describing here, when I did 5.3g with several good friends who did about an 8th a piece. 

The shrooms we got from a friend of ours were the standard P. cubensis that you are most likely going to get where I live. Nice long gnarly blue stems and fairly large caps. We were meeting up with friends coming in from out of town at around 10:00. They came over to the house where I was staying with my friend and four of us were taking some. Everyone was doing 3.5g except myself, because I wanted to experience what an extra half 8 would be like, because I had loved every one of my previous trips so much. 

I took my intimidating pile of mushrooms with about a half gallon of OJ. We sat around and smoked some bong bowls for about half an hour, and that was about the time that my friends sister returned from a night of drinking with a few of her friends. The new Alice in Wonderland was thrown on the TV just as my trip was beginning to take off. Everyone knew I had started tripping first because they were all commenting on my huge pupils. I was in an awesome mood and I knew heavily visuals were on there way shortly. Before this point I only had visuals whenever I focused my attention at a specific object. Wherever I directed my attention, the objects in my view would move/roll/change colors and all sorts of awesome effects. This time was different in that everything in my  field of view was changing constantly. Both of the large couches we were sitting on began to stretch and shrink constantly, as did the hallway towards the front door. The walls around me were constantly breathing and swelling, and when the pipe was handed to me the colors on the pipe were swirling around quickly. It was really quite beautiful, and I was loving every minute of it. At one point I managed to turn and take a peek at the movie, and I saw the giant caterpillar and everything on the screen was so fucking crazy that I turned away and never looked at the TV again that night. 

One of the annoying things that night was the behavior of my friends sister when she got back from drinking with her friends. She was a little annoyed because we had taken shrooms without telling her we were going to or giving her the opportunity to join us. So throughout the night she continued to try to fuck with everyone who was tripping as much as she could. Now I don't appreciate that, because if you have ever had an intense trip you should have respect for the people who are tripping enough to not intentionally fuck with their trip. Some people think its funny, and it might be funny to those who aren't tripping, but I assure you, those who are tripping will not think its funny at all. It is a really easy way for someones trip to go from great to terrible if you're not careful, and I don't like that at all. She tried to fuck with me at first, but I could tell she was just fucking around so I tuned her out. Later though, when I was upstairs for a little bit, she had convinced my friend that we had been tripping for 3 days and that it was Monday, the day he had a huge architecture project due. It took us awhile to calm him down. She later convinced the same person (this is his first hallucinogen experience mind you) that he was bleeding from his eyes, nose, and mouth. Needless to say I was extremely upset with my friends sister that night, because that shit is beyond fucked up. 

However, the overall experience was very positive for all of us. I had a really hard time not laughing for the entire night. At one point, I found myself upstairs with my two friends who had never tripped before. One of the was rolling around on the ground laughing uproariously, and the other had his face pressed against the wall, saying over and over that he didn't know anything at all. And through all of that I'm standing next to them laughing my ass off. 

At about 3 in the morning, I got a ride back to my dorm room. I shouldn't have left my friends house, but the visuals had momentarily stopped and I thought my trip was coming down, so I wanted to go to sleep. I have never been more wrong. As soon as I got back to my room, my trip kicked back in, hard. A lot less visuals, and I much more intense mind fuck than I had been experiencing all night. I ended up pacing around my dorm room, thinking very hard about everything. My mind was processing thoughts so fast I couldn't even keep track of them. I decided to go back outside, and found a nice set of trees on campus, laid down hidden among them and stared up at the stars as night faded to morning. I stayed there until 6 in the morning when I went and got breakfast. Those three hours lasted such a long time, and I wish it never would have ended. I have never felt as much at peace as I did that night. 

A very intense experience indeed, and one that I will never ever regret. 

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