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Powerful Experience

hopefully lifechanging..

Well, I went to a small, local music festival. I had harvested 130 fresh grams so I brought them with. While I was there I met up with this guy who travels around to all the festivals in this area, and always has good drugs. I partied with him for a little bit, and he ended up giving me 2 blotters for free. He was told they were lsd when he bought them, but they turned out to be some kind of RC, not really sure what. But I  I ate both of those hits, and then shortly after that, my friend and I ended up splitting my entire bag of shrooms 50/50, downing them with some orange juice.. I should have realized it was a stupid amount to be eating in a public place, but our campsite was isolated, so I felt like I could retreat there if things got crazy..
30 minutes later I am getting unbelievably intense visuals. Big trails, echos, looked like everything was rocking back and forth, the sky was swirling..

Luckily the people who weren't tripping on psychedelics were drunk off their ass, so I was able to go through the entire night without detection.. The night was incredible, I kept meeting up with old friends, and the music was great, I was pleasantly surprised by all the bands. Nice big campfire kept me warm at one of the stages. But I was at the big stage, sitting under a pavilion with like 5 friends, and nobody was talking, and for some reason I started getting bored, and I started wondering why I was there, which led to wondering why I took the drugs, which was leading to thoughts of mortality and where I was in life, and where I was going. It was like terrible, but it did have a negative vibe to it, kind of feeling like all my efforts were futile. At this point I started getting a bit of a hot flash and was sweating a little. I asked my friends if they were hot, but they all said no. I started sweating more and more, so I wanted to get out of there so I didn't draw attention to myself. We all walked back to the campsite, which gave me a long time to think, I decided that I just need to buckle down, and bust ass, because I have a long time left, and I want to enjoy it as much as I can, and to do that I need to be where I want to be in life. I got some water, wiped myself off, and I immediately felt better (even a little chilly)

From there the trip got better and better. Even 7 hours in I was definitely coming down, but still feeling very good, the sky was incredible to look at, and by then, the music had just ended, so we were all just sitting around the campfire talking, and I had the greatest time. I stayed up through the morning, went to Dank Eats and got an awesome gyro. Listened to  2 bands play then finally went home and took a long nap.

It was definitely the hardest I have ever tripped, yet I still managed to not lose complete touch with reality. But I have decided I need to stop fucking around so much, and have decided to stop smoking weed, and greatly cut back on my mushroom consumption (still going to try microdoses) And I am going to direct 110% of my energy to getting myself set in a career. I need to stop making excuses, and just not settle for less than I want. Once I'm at that point, I can do all the drugs I want.
I want to keep this motivation, but its always easy for me to get lazy about it, so I am currently trying to set up measures to keep myself on track.

I cant ask for much more. Having an incredibly fun weekend, and gaining motivation and desire to improve my life at the same time.
Hopefully the universe will work with me on this and I can achieve my goals before too long. But I am definitely looking forward to the future more than I have in 4 years. 

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