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1st Trip to the Mall

My friend Abhi and I had been avid potsmokers for quite a lenthy time and had decided that we both wanted to explore the mysterious world of mushrooms.

My friend Abhi and I had been avid potsmokers for quite a lenthy time and had decided that we both wanted to explore the mysterious world of mushrooms. So we scored a 6 gram sack off of a good friend for $20 in the middle of the day and decided that we should just take them then. We each took 3 grams. It was my first time and Abhi had done them once before 1 1/2 years before but not gotten too messed up. We took the shrooms just eating and chewing and washing down with orange juice. it wasnt too bad. Then the waiting began..

After about 45 minutes we decided to go on a walk, it was about 3 PM and still bright out but we walked anyways. As I started walking the body high kicked in as my muscles all felt weak and in some strange way my arms and legs were disconnected from the rest of my body. I began to notice that things were swirling a little such as the tar patch lines in the residential roads around my house. Also, as I looked ahead at stop signs and curbs it seemed as though we were walking on a treadmill and no matter how long we walked we couldnt get closer. By the time we got back to my house we just got and made the 10 minute drive down to the mall to visit our friend Tak at O'Ryans pub(which is in the mall!) where he worked. We were full fledged tripping by the time we got seated at our table. We ordered a couple drinks and stared at the stained-glass windows which had leprachauns and other Irish related things (being and Irish pub and all) The leprachauns seemed to start moving the in the stained glass art and poking heads out from behind objects and stuff so after we finished our driks we decided to cruise the mall.

All the faces of the people in the mall seemed distorted and melting. For some reason I didnt care about anything I was just aimlessly looking at everything in the most pointless stores in the wall almost completely ignoring the store employess if they could help me with anything. I was just mesmerized by all the things in the mall. In a poster store I found a large poster of Marylin Monroe and i stared at it for a couple seconds and she started talking to me! So I called over Abhi and he stared for a couple seconds and she started talking to him too! So there we were tripping balls in the mall staring at this poster talking to it. So we bought it and left. Now two tripping fools wandering the mall with a talking Marilyn Monroe poster.
After we went to most exciting places we cruised back to my house to chill in the comfort of my backyard which is lush with large plants, its almost like a jungle back there, full of trees. Abhi and I just sat out on jairs. By then it was 7 PM and it was a postsunset gloom where you could barely make out the stars through the fading glow of the sun. (this was a warm summer night a perfect 70 degrees in the New Mexico southwest. A perfect night. Abhi and I sat blazing it in the backyard just passing the bong between us laughing and talking of crazy things only shrooms can make you do. As i looked up at the sky I saw one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. Like an IMAX theatre I could see covering the sky an intricate huge Aztec patters that covered the night sky from horizon to horizon. It was like a huge looking maze like from the movie The Labyrinth. It glowed a soft lumminescent orange and lit up the sky like nothing I have ever seen. It covered EVERYTHING i just had to lay down in the grass and look up at it. It didnt swirl or move or anything it just was there like a part of the sky. I must have laid there looking it it for 4 hours (which was actually about 10 minutes) and got back in the chair and resumed my conversation with that beatiful backdrop there the whole time. While smoking cigarettes (which i did alot at that point in my life) we just sat and took bong rips and talked of extrodinary things. It was great. Then I looked at the cigarette and threw it to the ground in disgust. Suddenly after smoking on and off for a couple years, I could not stand the taste or thought of one. I didnt have one the rest of the night.

After smoking and pretty much wearing off the trip it was about 11:00 and we all went in and Tak was off work and we all hung out in my room and tripped on the ceiling and enjoyed the rest of the night in a post dreamy state. The next day I had no cigarettes. 2 months later.... not a drag.

That night was an incredible trip for me for my first time and since then I have dosed many more times and have gained a much greater respect for all the fungus among us.


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