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First Trip on Cubensis

Time doesn't exist

Hi there guys,

I will cut straight to the chase, downed 10 pills of ground cubensis 1hr  passes and nothing , from my frustration I smoke a joint of outdoor bud with my bro in law, he also downed 10  pills which would be about 3 grams worth. After the joint another 1/2 hr passes before some affects are felt, my bro has few animals around the house and the sound of the birds are like sweetest music, feeling of great connection to nature and colours start to become enhanced. I start to close my eyes and I could see what could be described as sparks of bright colours red blue green kind of like light sabers from star wars. Things start to amuse me  , the dogs in the back yard , noises start sounding cartoonish and I start to break out in laughter. My bro in law joins me outside and we agree that something is happening so he start the BBQ up before we lose control, but as begins we start swimming to the mid section of the trip, the sky is painted with colours and my bro in law points out the reflection of the high rise buildings in the distance and we are feeled with joy. From here I go deeper into the trip loosing sense of my bro I law I start to walk off into the back yard my breathing getting deeper and slower noises start to stretch out I lose feeling in my legs although I manage to walk back and forth from the BBQ area back into the yard which must of looked crazy to an outsider as I did this for a good 1hr. The sky begins to darken and I hear chanting, just like American Indians but more like Tebitan sounding, trees and bushes start to fast forward  and things turn ugly, my hearing goes and my heart is silent, it's blissful but scary as hell and I start to talk to myself saying that I am ok and that this is expected , big mistake as I find myself arguing , well with myself, and bang my personality splits and I have a voice saying to let go while the other says I am fucked. The voices themselves scare the fuck out of me so I start to panic and I see my bro in law playing with the gas bottles as he is still trying to work the BBQ, the site of him high and not knowing what will happen forces me to stumble into the house and warn my sister of my fears of him blowing us up. She calms me but I can't let go of the thought of being blown up, so I tell my sister I want my trip to end now and ask to be taken to hospital,  I can now hear my bro in law laughing and I start to laug as well which calms me back down and I reconsider my urge to see a doctor and brush it off , I know start to have heavy visuals and see my bro in law as Luigi from Mario Bros. My vision is really getting a beating now , geometric patterns , splashes and swirls of bright colours , I start to feel tired so I lay down, now shit hits the fan as I hear multi voices all saying that I will go insane and that I will be stuck in this vortex of thoughts forever. I have the urge to be around people so I venture back into the house only to feel total disconnection to everyone In there, my sister my wife my nephews, all seem like a movie and am directing it, but it's no fun, as I struggle to chain my words of sanity they end up coming out alien sounding, I guess the look on my face made them all break out in laughter including my bro in law who is also tripping, there laughter insured my triply mind that they were all fake and my life was fake , this followed by constant visits to the clock to check on time, BIG mistake, time was fucking gone, it no longer existed and this gave me a feeling of intrapment. I went out and looked to the heavens and asked why is this happening, surely enough a voice replied which sounded like a thousand voices , " you chose to come here, you awakened me , you wanted this and now I have shown you what life is all about", I spoke back saying is life just a thought, it said it was, and that I have a choice to go back but I have to find the secret myself, this part of the trip was a struggle as I stopped talking to others in the room and my thoughts virtually took over communication, people on the tv were laughing at me saying that I was a fool to have come here and that they would drive  me mad before I left as a punishment of venturing into there domain. I tried to walk out one final time as I convinced myself that I would never return to my normal life and memories of my family friends job just seemed like a dream. I looked to the sky and it looked amazing the stars seemed so bright, I whispered "please take me back",  I walked back in and layed out into the couch and slowly drifted in and out visuals, snakes dragons, checkered floors, the voice returned saying that I had seen enough and that hell is eternity and that is what awaited me if I didn't respect what I had, I looked around and saw that everyone had joined me in the lounge room but they were talking amongst themselves , even my bro in law had come out of his trip and assured me I would too and to enjoy it.  The fourth hour I started to come out and it felt blissful like a dream and I was half asleep. One final trip,out  at the tv screen it was counting down my end of the trip. I quickly snapped out of it and everyone was just looking at me with smiles saying that I was just laying there with eyes wide open blank, and that I never moved , only when I was checking the clock for time which they said I did 5 times every minute?.Did I astral travel ? I swear that fucking clock never moved.

Sorry guys just wanted to add it took me 2 days to ground my feet and meditate on what happened and I wanna say that mushrooms are a GOD given gift, really metaphysical . It destroys the ego and you feel like a new born.

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