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First Trip

Re-defined outlook

My first trip was a month ago

                 I had been talking to my brother for quite some time about shrooms.I believe i've always had a great outlook on life, and an interest in the unknown (especially the origin, and purpose of life). I had no clue that i was even going to be taking shrooms that night. I had just returned from Steak and Shake eating quite a huge meal, when my drunk brother and his friend said to rush home to try shrooms... Needless to say I couldn't say no. When i got home my brothers friend opened a bag of dried mushrooms and divided it into 3 sections. Idiotic brother was so plastered he ate the shrooms threw up and passed out, so it was just me and his friend. I took about 1.5g of dried shrooms at first and we watched  The Powers of 10. At this point i was unimpressed, i barely noticed any effect other than that similar to weed. I told him that i wanted to take more ( he was unsure at the time.. me being a first timer), so he gave me 2g's extra and i finished it off with some peanut butter. We went outside to smoke a cigarette and that's about the time i started to notice an increased depth of vision ( at least that's what i thought it was). We began walking around the neighborhood and the visuals were stunning to say the least. The lights got brighter and the darks darker, a wonderful display of contrast. Things began to take on different forms ( for example a pine tree looked fuzzy like wool). We walked for what seemed like 2 hours often staring into the sky, it was quite beautiful. Around this time i became physically tired and mentioned that i wanted to go to sleep, it was around 3 am in the morning at this point. My brothers friend who was quite experienced with shrooms asked me " are you sure your ok to be alone", I gently nodded my head as i walked up the stairs. The visuals seemed to become less apparent. I was physically exhausted and ready to go to bed, but I began to feel quite physically ill (food poisoning similarly). I laid in my bed trying to sleep but everytime i closed my eyes i saw vines growing and 2d patterns, it was uneasy at first. Everytime i would try and sleep i was unable and because so i began to take a negative look on the whole situation. It was at this time I started to question myself... who am I, why am i such a fuck up ( even though I'm not ), are the drugs truly safe, am i ever going to escape this feeling. It felt like the worlds pressure's were on me. However i was able to save myself from the darkness telling myself how crazy this whole thing was, and how i was taking everything too far. I became excited about the feeling and the visuals as my door frame twisted into a ying/yang symbol. I was unable to sleep until 8 am, i had to climb onto my computer and play games to keep myself somewhat sane... till this day i'm still unsure whether the experience was enjoyable or horrific. 

I have about 8g's of dried shrooms i'm saving for a camping trip this weekend. Being fond of Terrence Mckenna, i'm going to take his advice on going all the way 5g . Just thought i'd share my story with you all, in hopes that i could read some of yours.


I started to gain an interest in learning, Reading has become significantly more enjoyable.
I feel that i have lost some of my ego, and have become a more humble person (irony at it's finest) 
Oh and of course, my interest in psychedelics has skyrocketed,

Sincerely, Flippin

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