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1st trip

i don't know exactly how much we each ate.

i don't know exactly how much we each ate.... me and a friend had 2 bags between us, both bought from a shop (when it was legal) 1 bag of Columbian and one of Mexican i think. i was really relaxed and excited. i *think* there were 15g in each bag.

We were watching Elvira and we had drunk the mushrooms in tea, solid bits + all, at first i thought it hadn't worked, when i realised my stomach was really tight. Then my friend said something really unfunny and i couldn't stop laughing. i didn't realise it was the shrooms until i'd been laughing for about 20 minutes.

Everything in the video was amazing, i could hardly bear to look at checked shirts et cetera. The plastered up cracks on the wall were pulsing in various changing colours. i looked at my reflection + thought how beautiful + pixie like we looked with big pupils.

Then i realised there were lines coming out of the edges of everything forming grids through the air which were clear, they looked like transparent wires in the air.

i ran to try to call a mate who recommended trying shrooms in the first place. i was reading her number off my mobile and typing it onto the home phone but as i was typing more and more numbers were scrolling across the screen and i just kept on typing convinced i was able to function normally. About 35 numbers later i discovered otherwise - amazingly, the number i had dialled had not been recognised.

When i tried to turn to my friend after the film i found i couldn't turn to the right. When i tried to turn that way i felt like i was getting trapped in the transparent wires, they were getting everywhere, i kept trying to pull them out of my mouth as they were constantly getting caught on my tongue.

Turning almost a full circle to the left, my attention was distracted by the fireplace leaping towards me. i knew i had to get up and tidy the house before my parents got back but i couldn't move because of all the wires.

i felt like i'd been tripping for about 3 days, in fact it was only a few hours. i was constantly trying to look at the time and saying what time is it and asking if my friend could see the lines.

When the lines became less solid, only visual, i got up to tidy the house before my parents got home. But when i picked up my cup my hand started merging with it and the colours on it were blending into my arm.

Suddenly i felt a sort of bump as though i had jumped and landed (i hadn't). That was when i could think a bit more clearly and walk without getting stuck in lines or merging into objects i touched.

i thought i was over it. i managed to cook us some porridge and curry. However even a few hours later i could see the patterns on the wooden table moving like sea waves. When my parents got home my father's head was freakishly small and he looked generally more triangular than usual. But it was more obvious that it wasn't real then.

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