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MRCA Tyroler Gluckspilze
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A Galaxy Far Away


Greetings. :)

Not too long ago, I tripped on 'shroomies for the first
time. I've estimated my trip to be somewhere between
level 2 and 3, although I'm not too sure. I had consumed
about a sixteenth of an ounce or so of what I believe was
dried cubensis, with a friend of mine who also took about
that same amount. We had been enjoying some MJ earlier
in the evening, so that helped soothe our nerves through
those first few minutes of trippiness. We went inside and
put on "Star Wars A New Hope" (the first one made) and
started to trip out. Of all the Star Wars movies, I
recommend A New Hope for any kind of drug-enhanced viewing; it's exciting but not too scary, and since most people
have seen it at least once, they already know what happens
in it. Anyway, while I was watching the movie, I noticed
a blurring of colors and motions; the screen looked like
it was being rendered in fewer colors and that several Photoshopesque filters were being applied to it. Elsewhere in the darkened room, I saw various little patterns of
colored blips, and if I looked up at the ceiling, I could see things moving about in the spackling. (At that point, I attributed my state to being on top of a big, still body of water; if you touched the surface in any direction, you'd see waves.) Eventually I needed to go use the restroom, so
I managed, with great effort, to get up from the chair and
walk over to the restroom. As I approached the mirror, I
noticed small colored thingies on my face; I tried to
scratch them only to see them disappear. The thingies
were not much bigger than a few millimeters, though, so
it was OK - not threatening or anything. (I did note the
dialated pupils, however.)

Eventually, after the movie ended, we went outside and
sat in the car for a while; it was raining lightly and
I found the concept of rain - nay, the concept of being
*outside* - to be quite novel. We went back to my place
and enjoyed the patterns made by the droplets of water
on the glass of the car before I decided it was time for
me to go. Overall, a pleasant trip, and one I hope to
undertake again in the future. :)

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