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intense come up

4th trip

so this was my fourth trip every preceding trip my best friend J and i had done larger and larger amounts leading up to our 5G trip but this time we did about 3.5 each. we were all set made sure that all bases were touched and no one would bother us up in js room,,,always chill. anyways we had our weed, 2 packs of cigs, a bong, water ect. and of course 7gs  of some danky ass smelling shrooms. we took them around 11:05 my best friend  being always fucking awesome just threw all the shrooms in his mouth as he gagged to get them down..i plucked mine in 1 at a time until most were gone.  at this point we were super anxious to feel the effects as always. so to make the come up good we hit some weed out of the bong and preceded to  prepare our brains for the mind fuck. around 11:30 i decided that we should go outside for when we come up. i was starting to feeel very giddy and my whole body kept shaking.J and i sat on the trunk of my car and smoked a couple of camels. it was pretty quiet because i guess  we were waiting to get some visiual confirmation of the trip coming on haha. but it didnt take long out all until i had the craziest feeling in the world. i looked across his lawn as all the colors turn into a very shiney looking landscape. my whole feild of vision seemed to drop. my head was being toatlly crushed by an immense high coming on and my hearing was crouded by an eerie low hum. i recall saying we need to get back  to his room. as he came running behind like oh shit haha . when we were back upstairs in the blacklight lighten room with foster the people playing and a universe light pporijector on the ceiling. everything was all good vibes.

as soon as we both plopped down on his futon everything took that fuzzy psychedelic under layer. we had  all sorts of different kind s of cloth on the window with reeally intricate looking patterns on it.  his step sister came up which always gives off bad vibes because she usually really negative. she asked if she could get a hit of the weed and we just said yes if that would get her away quick enough... to our misfortune she sat down and proceded to rant about her work and how she would trip differently and shit, it always very annoying. eventually his sister left and as soon as she did we looked at eachother and said finally. the rest of the night was basically  staring at wonder and imagination around his room. and talk about how everything looked. philiosophized about  anything we could.  CEVs are always a favorite part of shrooms because it just feels like raw imagination. as all the colors in your closed eyes turn into a smooth flowing pattern of intricate lines and shapes. faces morphin into other faces. other things really just cant be explained. long story short we had a great last trip together before J goes off to college. i pulled alot out of that experience and will walway remember it fondly. anyone whos debating about  injesting this great great fungi....doooo it


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