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Cosmic Sea Of Majestic Visions

A journey of self-discovery on LSD

This LSD trip took place on the night of  August 10, 2012. I chose to stay indoors, remain completely alone and simply listen to music and meditate for the entire duration of the trip. What I saw and what I learned from my journey in the psychedelic realm is all reported here.


11:20PM -- I place one blotter tab under my tongue.

T 0:03 -- I lay flat on my bed in a comfortable position with my arms to my side, eyes facing skyward. My laptop is next to me and I place studio quality headphones on my ears as I'm pulling up two binaural beats videos from YouTube. I open one video in one tab and the other video in another tab so that they are both playing at the same time. 

T 0:21 -- I am 18 minutes into listening to the binaural beats videos and things are starting to get really wavy. I feel like I am losing control of my mind; my thoughts are racing and I begin to feel some anxiety. I am surprised how quickly the LSD is hitting me, but then I remember that I haven't eaten anything in the past nine hours.

T 0:46 -- I stop the binaural beats videos because I simply cannot handle it anymore. I see a giant wolf's head on the wall directly in front of me; it's opening its jaws wide and its menacing teeth are dripping with saliva as it prepares to devour me. I am genuinely frightened, but I continue to remind myself that it's all inside of my head. The walls are breathing so heavily that I cannot seem to find where they begin or end anymore. I am now viewing a sea of colors, patterns and shapes that seem to have no boundaries.

From this point on I completely lost track of time.

I decided to listen to a playlist I previously assembled for this trip.


Here is the playlist:

Grizzly Bear- On A Neck, On A Spit
Younger Brother- Crystalline
Ott- One Day I Wish To Have This Kind Of Time
Entheogenic- Astral Cave
Vibrasphere- 102 Miles From Here
Solar Fields- Patterns
Flying Lotus- Beginners Falafel
Nero- My Eyes
Fleet Foxes- Quiet Houses
Noisecontrollers- Rushroom
Cloud Cult- Alien Christ
Noisia- Red Heat
Atomic Pulse- Direct Source
Noisecontrollers- Astral
1200 Micrograms- Acid For Nothing
Shpongle- Invisible Man In A Fluorescent Suit
Shpongle- Mentalism
Younger Brother- Spinning Into Place
Grizzly Bear- Disappearing Act
Fleet Foxes- He Doesn't Know Why
Noisecontrollers- Yellow Minute
Shpongle- Connoisseur Of Hallucinations
Headhunterz, Wildstylez- Tonight
1200 Micrograms- LSD
Toro Y Moi- Still Sound  
Shpongle- The Nebbish Route

This playlist went on for about 3 hours. I simply listened to the music while laying flat on my back. Sometimes my eyes were open, sometimes they were closed. Only twice did I get off of my back; both times were to sit up and smoke a blunt of OG Kush. I will now explain as best I can what happened during this time period. 


Reality as I knew it began to take on a new form. I was greeted with phenomenal kaleidoscopic visions hailing from a heavenly dimension. Every time I closed my eyes I would completely lose touch with my body as I rode the waves of the cosmic sea into a state of enlightened ecstasy. I realized that I am nothing but a speck in relation to the universal whole. I spent much time detaching from love of self and instead attached to the idea of love for all. I realized that my mission in life should not be to serve myself, but to serve mother nature and all of her children for the sake of the greater cause. I pondered what this greater cause was. 

The waves of the cosmic sea began to rage as they tossed me to and fro. I lost all sense of self in the ethereal ocean as I faced what seemed to be my final hour. Apocalyptic vibrations powerfully took over my being and I was reduced to nothing. At that moment, the moment between death and rebirth, I was given a message from the celestial teachers. They spoke telepathically, and in tongues unbeknownst to me. Yet, I could understand their every word.

"You are not who you think you are. Your passion has led you to believe things which are false. You believe that you belong to your body and that you are your body, but you are not. Let go of the reigns; realize your true nature. Only through this realization will you return to your true form."

I didn't want to leave. I wanted to stay there with the teachers, but I wasn't ready yet, there was still much to learn. I had to return to my former reality and eradicate the demons there before I could rest in my eternal abode. I realized that life is one big lesson and we have the choice to learn from it or ignore it. The path of learning is not an easy one, but it provides the biggest payoff in the end. Learning would lead to universal enlightenment, while ignoring would lead to further attachment to the body and the ego. The empyrean was beckoning me and I could not ignore it anymore.

My rebirth into this realm was adorned with a feeling of ultimate peace, bliss and contentment. In this state of exuberance I recognized that we need both the good and the bad in order to complete the whole. Having one over the other would throw the balance off, eventually leading to the demise of life as we know it. I grasped the idea that everything happens for a reason and once again, it is our choice to either learn from our experiences or not. From this time forward I chose to genuinely bask in the beauty of every waking moment and never regret a single decision I make. For it would all be for a greater purpose. 


T 7:35 -- The ancient god-like visions began to subside. The overwhelmingly intense vibrations began to slow down. Colors bounced off of wavy fractal patterns as the intensity of the trip began to decrease. A sense of awe and wonder flooded my mind as I pondered what had just happened. The loss of ego, the loss of connection to my body, the transcendental mirage, the divine vibrations, the blessed teaching and the dynamic rebirth. All of it had great purpose. I felt like my life had finally taken on some true meaning. It is now twenty hours after I dosed and I feel refreshed, renewed and more alive than ever before in my life. 

I think everyone should be required to take at least one hit of quality LSD before they die. I believe this drug can greatly reduce depression and anxiety. It can bring meaning to your life. I can't wait to see what the future holds as more and more studies are being conducted on the benefits of LSD and psychedelics as a whole. I believe psychedelics can lead us into the next stage of human evolution. I will most definitely be taking LSD again in my life.

Thank you for reading. Peace and Love to ALL! 

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