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1st times a charm!

I have tried almost every drug out there, but shrooms and lsd, because the lack of availability.

I have tried almost every drug out there, but shrooms and lsd, because the lack of availability. So when the chance came to do them of course I said sure. My friend and her live in boyfriend invited myself and my newly acquired boyfriend over to their house to trip. None of us had ever done it (which was probably not to smart), but we are all avid weed smokers and decided we would be allright. My friend who we will call Ashley*, put out a baggie full of dried shrooms, and we split them into 4 ways. I thought they smelled and taste like shit so I blended them up into powder and mixed it into water and drank the like a shot. I know sounds stupid but obviously it worked. We sat around and smoked a big joint while waiting for the effects to kick in. Alice in Wonderland was on so we sat down and waited. I was so high I thought I would have a difficult time distinguishing the difference. I had no idea what I was instore for. JOE* my friend Ashley's b-friend started having a seizure and I was stunned, because I didn't start tripping yet. He became better I think it was just the initial shock, he is really sensitive. Well when the trip started hitting me there was no denying that I was tripping. I couldn't control my emotions, I was sad and happy and then would laugh uncontrollably at you guessed it Alice in Wonderland. It was so intense I tried to turn the TV off but could not figure out how and I've known how to do that since I was 2 years old. I would find just the littlest things hilarious. My body was swaying but I just couldn't be still. We turned out all the lights and turned the lava lamp on. I would see faces molding themselves out of the lava so clear that I thought they are really in there - LET THEM OUT! Then I would go to the window and look out and thought I just couldn't go out there because it looked like a story book land, I thought it would be like Mary Poppins jumping to another place. There were times I would just stop and say this can't

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