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Took 6 hits of LSD

My first time doing LSD I took 6 hits of what I believed to be 250 microgram blotting paper. It was a very bitter taste... and it made my tongue pretty numb/tingly. About 40 minutes to an hour later it finally started to kick in. I kept getting these crazy ideas in my head and my thoughts started getting in-depth and very creative. Me and my buddies were having a philosophical debate in the car on the way home. It got pretty intense... and I just started blurting on and on about the whole 9/11 conspiracy and they were truly amazed at what I had to say about it. Lol. LSD makes your thoughts extreme out of the box and creative. I was in a car on the way home at midnight so I wasn't getting much for visuals. Lights looked like rays coming at me and my body started to get pretty numb. They dropped me off like 10-20 feet from my drive way and by then I was a solid hour and a half into my trip. I was watching the sky literally tear open and shine lights through random cracks in it. It was an amazing, full-filling thing to witness. 

I sat on my porch for a solid half hour just bonding with nature, appreciating all the visuals and noises that it had to offer me. I felt in tune with it, and it was an amazing experience. The stars were so elegant, unlike they have ever been. It was amazing. I walked into my house with my gamecube controller [I was at a video game tournament prior], and my backpack full of stuff. I set it down and was instantly shocked with just how beautiful my house had become. All the simple things I had taken for granted were just so elegant and beautiful now. My walls looked like they were melting and dripping down to the floor, picture frame faces moved, changed shapes, smiled... All sorts of weird stuff. It was really cool.

Eventually I had to go take a shower. I started listening to some Bob Marley and took a nice, life-changing shower. I sat in there for literally an hour in the matrix just having the best time of my life. But I went deep into my inner self and explored parts of my mind that I have never been before. I felt like I truly understand who I was, why I was here, and what life has made me become.

After the most euphoric shower of my entire life, I walked up to my bedroom and sat down in my comfy recliner. I was watching the light bulb on my ceiling just shift positions, pulsate/breathe and change shape. I couldn't help but notice a knot on a piece of wood from my dresser kept moving, swirling, pulsating/breathing. I was looking down at my floor and it had a firework show of just showing me how it could move. It was incredible.

I proceeded to log on to World of Warcraft just to see what that game is like on LSD. I immediately started to appreciate just how beautiful the graphics are on it [they are actually kinda crappy, even on ultra settings]. I was healing in a dungeon and I was doing a lot better than usual... mentally anyways. My clicks and button strokes were a little bit slowed, but I was faster with reacting, perceiving things, and finding the best possible ways to use less of my mana. I played for about a half hour and logged off because I wanted to go enjoy my trip. 

I laid in bed in the dark for a good half hour just watching the shadows move, closing my eyes and enjoying the extremely out of this world visuals I was seeing on my eye lids. It was sketchy... yet I felt like I understood everything. It made me think that my own shadow was a reflection upon myself... a reflection on who I have become. But I also saw my dark side within it. I began to explore my inner darkness which started to scare me a little bit. I realized I am not completely innocent and noticed flaws in my being. I wanted to change for the better and I would do anything to make it happen.

I spent the next few hours watching documentaries, researching, and doing other crap just for the heck of it. I was on LSD so I knew that I would understand and perceive things differently than if I was sober. To me LSD is one of those self-exploration, nature exploration, and learning drugs. It really brings out that side of me that just wants to educate my mind. 

Overall... LSD is my favorite drug so far. I've smoked Pot, smoked Salvia, dropped acid a lot of times, and done Molly. LSD is my favorite drug of all so far, minus the one scary trip I had in which I may explain in a later report.

Overall... My first time doing LSD was a 6 hitter. I'd rate it a 9/10 freaking amazing experience. It lasted for a good 10 hours. The only problem is I couldn't get to sleep that night, LSD keeps your mind awake, thinking, and restless. Definitely a substance you only want to use on a relaxing day off when you don't need to be up early the next day. 

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