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best experience with weed


hi guys, I'm here to share my best experience with weed. this was about 6 months ago. but I was at a football game with friends at my school. and we were waiting for our ride to go get some weed, eventually our ride picked us up. it was me and 3 other friends at this moment. I'll call them D, C, snd G. I had 60$ D had 20$ and G had 20$ also. C was our ride. we drove to go pick up our weed an bought 5 grams. I'm pretty sure it was Purple Kush. something like that. ((this was about a year ago so I don't remember every detail) it was about 11 PM and we drove to a school nearby and wen on this hill that we thought would be a good spot. we smoked a good 2 grams and we were all pretty high. we got back in the car an C was going to drive us back to where he picked us up. he had some awesome ass speakers in his car and he blasted Dubstep. everything was a blurr all the city lights cars driving by everything was jus AMAZING. I felt like I could of flew out of the car and just live in the sky. before I knew it we were back where we got picked up. G and C went home and I was just with D. I had my 3 grams that I bought and me an D smoked another Gram and just hungout an joked for a little while. it was about 12:30 AM now an we were walking to a friends house to stay for the night. we were walking for what seemed like hours we were both blazed. when we were right around the corner from the place we were goin to stay at a cop rolls up an scares the living shit out of me. he asked us our names and all that bullshit we gave him fake names and told him we lived at our friends house. he didn't believe us so he wanted to drive us around the corner. so we got in car. I am so shocked even to this day that he did not smell the weed on me. (what a dumbass. lmao) luckily our friend left his back door unlocked. we stumbled up the stairs to his room an I passed out. that was my best experience with marijuana :D

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