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DMT Lesson learned.


           After work last night, I decided to go to a Friends house with my girlfriend.  I took along a very little bit of the STB Tek DMT... I wanted her (my friend) to experience it on a small scale as I had done a couple times.. I prepped it and told her I would go first, and that VERY worst case scenario for her I could hold her down for 5-10 mins no problem, but I gave it a .01 percent chance of having much more than a rush with 3D visuals with eyes closed, and just a perspective change on the room and environment itself.

          I took one good draw from her mini-bong, held it for 10 seconds or so... and exhaled....    As I went to take my next hit quickly, the room faded from the sides (my peripheral vision)... I tried to set the bong down in a hurry, and knocked what little I had in a container over, and it spilled on a dog pillow, I tried to get it out really fast "clean that up please" but I stuttered and mumbled to where they couldn't understand me.. that was about 5 seconds, in my mind I said "Fuck this they will just have to wait" sit back in my Chair and closed my eyes..

         I could still think semi clearly, and a knew they were in the room with me (somewhat of a hindrance as I felt like they may be worried about me)... I even heard the friend say something like "I dont know if I wanna do that" hahahah..   The Colors were not the 3D effects I explained to her, or had experienced before.. I was traveling around them.. Looking at the shapes from different sides and angels. In the background the movie "Heathers" had just started, so the song Que Sura Sura by Syd Straw was playing...  The song was not coming at me from the TV, it was in me, or I was in it?  I saw  and circled around a "ballerina" type figure, during the little que sura sura chorus.. 
          I wanted to stay there alil longer, but the thought of them being scared for me, caused me to slowly open my eyes.. As I did the whole room was broken down in small triangle patterens that spun like a kaleidoscope as I opened them wider and wider and grew as I opened them, Until eyes wide open everything fell in place... I was STOKED.. and tried to talk to them, but still stuttered abit.. The rooms Reds, and Blacks were glowing, and beautiful! 

          I told her that I no longer wanted her to just try it... I wanted her to read, and learn about it a little bit, and then decide whether or not she wanted to... Because I could imagine that being scary to someone who had never experienced something that intense.. It truly takes over.. I say it was 10x stronger than my favorite shroom trip.....   Also I found that it takes ALOT less than I expected... Its all about getting the DMT/Weed on top and bottom ratio just right, to get a clean vape from the DMT.... blew my socks off...     Thanks for reading.

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