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Salvia 30x

i think i may be allergic

     I just wanted to make this because i wanted the info to be out there. Well the first time i tried salvia i had a little penny sized amount, that time i felt like i was connected to my shirt and that my body was being pulled. After about 40 seconds i decided to get up and ride a skateboard which i was surprised that i could. It started to fade but as it faded i felt kind of stupid mentally. Also i got a headache after it all faded and i just happened to take 5mg hydrocodone earlier in the day so that probably helped so i took 5 more and it went away.
    In the morning i woke up with what looked like many bug bites or mosquito bites, i thought it was until later and il get to that. They mostly went away in like 5 days. About 6 days later i tried the 30x salvia again but it only felt like a strong weed high and nothing like salvia. (i received more "bug bites" also) So later that night i decide that il quadruple my dose to see what happens. I set up cool lights and stuff in my bedroom and had my computers visualizer on since i thought it would look cool, i was preparing to have a decent trip. So i go into my bathroom and smoke it out of my brand new super awesome pipe, i use my method of covering up the smell like i used to do for weed. Literally right after i finish it all and go sit down my mom comes in and says she smells something. I always deny deny deny since thats the best thing. She could really smell it so to simplify things she came in found it broke my pipe and asked where my weed was. : ) instead of giving her my weed i gave her my little salvia baggie and told her i was out my weed and it was all gone.
    A comment she made put all the pieces together for me, she said something along the lines of. Oh i dont see how this smoke could be healthy because i feel like its giving me an allergic reaction and she talked about it for a minute and asked if it was laced with something and i said no it was just shitty weed. Also my cousin just happened to get "bug bites" the night of trying salvia. I think that me and my family are allergic to salvia and i just wanted to document that i think you can be allergic to it.
  Luckily when she walked in i held myself together and didn't trip hard or anything.

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