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Longboarding & Psilocybin

One of the best trips I've ever had riding longboards through the nature trails on mushrooms.

Two of my best friends are shroom dealers so imagine the ease of getting them, besides sitting in a parking lot for hours like I have before.

 My brother had been cooped up in work for months and could never kick it with me and my friends. Finally we fixed a day of where we could just take a cruize on the longboards with one of my other friends. At first we were just suppose to get some dank and go like we usually do. But that day there had been some miscommunication and we coulnd't get any. So my brother asks "Your friends sell shrooms right?" I said "yea" so we decided we would get some shrooms and go cruize the trails, it sounded like the shit. It was a beautiful day, I was in a good mood and was going to see my brother so there were awesome vibes.  I went to my friends house to get the shrooms, we got 6 grams ( not much but ive done more out of the same batch and they seem overwhelmingly potent ) us three pack up all the back packs full of odd items that you know you probably won't need but you take anyway, and packed up the longboards. We stopped by the nearest gas station to load up on orange juice aswell. We get to the spot and all three of us eat a gram immediately, we start cruizing around town for a little bit and we decide to go by the trails, not only was this trail right next to the river.. its the trail on the biggest art mural. I cannot put words into how it looks so here's a picture...
The little cement trail is what we were riding for a while. About 30 minutes after riding we all start feeling them pretty good and right at that time it started to rain and bigg dark clouds started surrounding us. We all felt awesome in the rain and in the wind, the rain wasn't too hard just good sprinkle. We found and island like the one seen in the picture and we all just embraced the amazing weather. Starting raining a little harder so we found an overpass on the trail to hide under. Really starting to feel the shrooms, we were all laughing and staring at the art on the walls. The weather clears up very quickly where I live as you can see by the picture.. we hardly get rain so it was quite a blessing while we were coming up. We started to really ride the trails and the feeling was incredible, the carving of the board on the cement felt like butter and the sound of running water and all the cool art on the wall. The three of us just started to migrate to the prettiest places on the ride and we would just sit and talk about some crazy shit and just laughing and messing around. Seeing some
kayakers was pretty cool but they confused the hell out of us because they were just in one spot the whole time (we think) it was kind of a mind fuck. After that we starting heading toward the park where it was really forest   like place and we found a nice shady place under a tree and we ate the last 3 grams of the sack and we moved toward the park were all the people were. Shit was starting to get real weird, the wood bridges that went over the water were wobbling and felt they weren't stable even though I've been there 100 times before. Riding the boards became a very difficult task for me because the loss of balance I had from the second dose of mushrooms. We decided to ride to the skate park which was in the park and somehow we never got there, we ended up riding to the baseball diamond and sat on the grass while a game went on. None of us were interested in the game at all. In fact the sun was just starting to go down ( we took the first gram around 4:45ish ) we were watching a bat just eat all of the bugs by the light and it got CRAZY close to us causing us to laugh historically. I stared at the sky for a good 6 minutes and I started to loose it, the clouds staring making full mouth fulls of teeth at me and I kept trying to envision something else because teeth didn't seem right for the mood I was in. The other 2 people I was with wanted to continue to ride to get back to the car, the car was approximately 2.5 miles away and it was getting darker and darker. My brother and I's trip started to warp from amazing to kinda weird and abstract when the sun went down, my other buddy has always came down off of all drugs faster then me and my brother so he was feeling find and me and my brother were just lost in the dark world. There was a crazy kid carnival that was going on at the park at night we had no idea about and the lights were so bright that it blinded us. Normally lights are extremely cool to look at but you couldn't see when you looked at the lights.  We started to ride some more to the car that was a ways a way and we happened to be passing the zoo. My friend was riding right next to the fence and there was a zebra on the other side. The zebra starting running with my friend at it felt so majestic to all of us, unfortunately the zebra was stopped short by the gate. Cars were starting to leave and come to the carnival making it very hard to ride on the streets, I started to get extremely irriated because in the back of my head I was going to get hit by these cars with very luminous  colorful headlights. I was very unsure about how I was feeling because we were riding right in the middle of the street in the middle of the lane. My friend and my brother were having a blast and I continued to think about cops stopping us. But I just went with the flow and put a smile on and had a blast watching all of the cars. Cars turning left, right, straight, going toward you. It all didn't make sense and I tried very hard to remember how the rules of  road was when I was driving so I knew what the car's next move was. We made it to a gas station because we all had to take a piss. The people around the store seemed very angry or upset and knew we were on drugs. So we sat outside of a minute and smoked a few cigarettes and got some chips to munch on while we people watched for a minute. We then continued to ride more, finding super steep downhills going beyond fast it feels like in the complete dark. The adrenaline was soo intense going that fast. We finally made it to the car, all of our backs aching and feeling nauseous from the heat and riding all day. All day we hadn't seen one cop. Then we hopped in the car and in ONE block radius we counted 7 cops, I felt much better we were in the car and not riding in the street again. Starting bumbing music on my brothers sub, listening to some tech n9ne and tyler the creater because of the odd night mood we had. We stopped by our dealers house and got a couple grams of some dank we all didn't want to smoke because we were all still trippin pretty hard. Got back to my friends house.. un packed. Sighed and flopped on the couch feeling half dead. My brother decided to go home, my friend was about to go to bed so I figured I'd go home, figuring my dad was in bed at 11:30. He was up and wide awake. Threw me in a insane mental trip knowing he WILL talk to me. And he did, he had recently that day bought a water machine and had to tell me all about it, my face showed excitement but my brain was screaming bloody marry. I went down stares to my room and unpacked my stuff, and feeling confident that I hadn't been caught yet I went upstairs and asked my dad for a bowl or two (he's a night smoker, absoluteley scared of the thought of mushrooms though lol) I got a good 4 bowls and went down stares and blazed down to sleep. There was alot that was left out of the story, there was just so much that happened but this is the main parts of it. If you EVER have the chance to longboard and trip DO IT! The ridnig experience is out of this world and takes ALL mushroom anxiety away.

Happy tripping!

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