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60 mg of 4-HO-MET

Best drug on the market.

I recently dabbled in a research drug called Mitocen. I was given 60 mg by a friend that sells it. My experience is as follows

Ingestion method: Snorting 30 mg and orally ingesting the other 30 mg.

While most hallucinogens take like 30 minutes to begin noticeably affecting your perceptions, this was quite different. In about a minute and a half, I began to experience a body high. The body high closely resembles MDMA. It included a feeling of "floating" as well as intense tingling. 
5 minutes- I was beginning to laugh uncontrollably. I laughed so hard I almost passed out due to a lack of oxygen. I felt extremely euphoric.
10 minutes- This is when I began to get visuals. I did not experience any until the moment I looked out the window at the grass. The grass was blurring in a similar fashion to how things blur at long distances on LSD. The colors were heavily distorted. They seemed much more rich than usual. not necessarily brighter, just deeper. 
20 minutes(peak)- I was beginning to trip extremely hard. My mind had a  similar mindset to mushrooms except much more euphoric, and was much more stable minded. I began getting intense visual hallucinations. Up until this point, I had never seen objects or animals that simply were not there, I had only seen distortions of reality. This changed that. I began seeing very colorful, but creepy cats around the house. I also at one point saw lizards crawling on my Deadmau5 helmet. I also hallucinated the whole video of Vava Voom in my head. These experiences completely redefined what I thought "tripping balls" meant. 
3 hours- The heavy hallucinations and tripping mindset have left, but I am still getting visual movement and distortion.
5 hours- All visuals have subsided, I just feel slightly more spacey than usual.

The next day, I felt completely normal, no difference in thought process. I did get the occasional tracer, etc, but I felt no difference in my cognitive ability, making this the cleanest, hardest trip I have ever had the chance to experience.

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