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1st times a charm

Me and my two bestfriends have been wanting to do shrooms for sooooo long.

Me and my two bestfriends have been wanting to do shrooms for sooooo long. we finally got them and went to kariannes house. we were really nervous at first. (we're pretty young ... 15) we bought an 1/8 and ahalf and spilted them equaly. we got pissed off because after 30 minutes we noticed nothing. i was sitting on her couch and they were in chairs in front of me. suddnely i noticed wen karianne talked her jaw was moving in slow motion i got really excited but they didnt believe me . then heather started feeling it . karianne took another 10 minutes. we were having so much fun in her plain white living room .(it wasnt white anymore) my visuals were great. her moms porcelin dolls kept changing positions and a statue of a little girl painting became flowing with colors. it was around easter time so we had alot of plastic color eggs that were all disorted and turining into peanuts.karianne and heather had henna-like tattoos on there faces. i was really feeling tha trip so i sat down on her rug to enjoy it and i saw about 10 images of see-through tall looking clowns leaning over looking down at me. i wasnt scared i just kindly asked them to move so i can see heather. we moved to different rooms and we found out that tha kitchen was hell. bad vibes came from her kitchen .. evil fruits talking to us and tha room getting larger and smaller. we got outta there and went down to kariannes awesome room. tha walls are normally bright orange and hot pink. tha colors kept bouncing back and forth.me and karianne figured out we can draw with our fingers in tha air. it was pretty trippy. i tried doing many things like lighting my ciggerette or calling a friend on my cell and it seemed so hard to do .. it took about 20 minutes. i recommend shrooms to anyone who can handle it. and wait about a month to get tha exact same visuals b/c i waited 2 weeks and it sucked. first times a charm.

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