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Life changing first trip :) rs

Good and bad journey through eternity

   Ok so my first trip was insane going from pure happiness to questioning my own reality. So it all started on a casual winter day. I was with my three friends who i knew from school. I was chill with them and we had smoked weed together before but me and b-dog wanted to expirience something new as we had not tried anything else but weed. My other two friends r- dog and m-dog had done mushrooms a few times and they were gonna be our trip sitters. So we picked up some shrooms at 12:00 at the skatepark. The guy we bought them from said they were pretty dank and were blue looking so we bought 8 grams and divided them between us so we each had about 2 grams to eat. So we drove away from the skatepark and were on our way to the river cause we thought nature would be a fun place to trip. On the way we all gobbled our shrooms and drank orange juice with them. We arrived at the woods at 12:30 and started walking on our way to the river. half way there we stopped and smoked a bowl of ganja. 

     By this time it was about 1:00 and i felt like i was really high. All my friends said they were kicking in but i didnt really feel it. We then kept walking and my imagination started taking me. I felt like i was in a movie and the four of us were on a journey. i felt like everything for once in my life was extremely right and nothing could go wrong. I remember staring at the ground and the dirt looked soo brown like somebody had drawn it with crayons. I was feeling so happy. We eventually reached the river and sat in a patch of grass. The grass looked so green and  lush it felt like i was on a cloud. The river looked beautiful it looked so pure even though it was really muddy i wanted to drink it. We then decided to smoke another bowl so i packed it up. I had greens and lit it up and as i blew the smoke out it felt as if i was blowing time out of my mouth and everything turned slower. R-dog was drawing and m-dog was looking into the woods so i passed the pipe to b-dog. I was like hit that shit b and we both started laughing. And i fell over onto my back took a deep breathe of air and thought to myself this is life. I got back up and b-dog was just staring at the river all spaced out so i was like hit that shit again. And i just started laughing again and rolled onto my back. Then i got up again and looked at b-dog and he was still spaced out and i got the wierdest feeling of deja vu it was as if this moment was meant to happen and i had seen this before. i was feeling i was in a dream. I was so happy i kinda just ignored it but i felt i was catching on to something.

     By this point it was about 3:00. R-dog and m-dog had there bikes and there were some jumps near by so we decided to head to the jumps. As we walking through the forest to the jumps i was looking at the trees and there were just so many of them they just kept repeating the same ones over and over. I would look at them and i could swear it looked as if they had faces and were waving at me. When we got to the jumps b-dog was starting to have a bad trip. He kept asking if he had taken mushrooms. Of course he had but he was in some kind of denial like he couldnt beleive what was happening. I felt bad like somehow it was my fault. So i decided i better not let myself start getting a bad trip so i decided to have some fun riding m-dogs bike. I got on that bike and felt so self confident and rode at the ramp with pride. I was bookin through the path and hit tthe ramp with no fear and went super high in the air. I landed and felt so successful i thought if i can accomplish this so easily then i have potential for so much more. I thought we can accomplish anything if we set our mind to it. Mankind has so much potential. Then i went and sat back down with b-dog and he was trippin out so we decided to leave and go eat. 

       It was now about 5:00 when we got to the car. R-dog had to go home so we dropped him off. B-dog was starting to feel fine so he wanted to go home. He then took me home and when they dropped me off i felt like they were abondoning me for some reason. This is when things turned to shit. I made such a good bond with them today and now i had no one i had never felt so alone. I think i was peaking and it was 6:00 at this point. I didnt know you tripped for this long. i ran to the bathroom and looked in the mirror and my eyes were super dialated. I was so scared and then started thinking am i gonna trip forever. Its as if all reality and time stood still. I looked at the clock and it wouldnt move. I really needed to see someone who looked familiar i felt as if i was in a abyss of nothing and nothing was real anymore. I called my mom and told her i was tripping and she was mad and said she was on her way home. I then started pacing around the house thinking im going insane. My mom soon got there and i tripped for another few hours and crashed out.  And that was my trip :)

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