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1st time. so cool.

I had my first shroom trip about a week ago.

I had my first shroom trip about a week ago.

I did it with one of my friends who had also never done it before.
Im not sure how much i took but it was in a tea. I drank it down then it hit me after about 5 mins.
i noticed things that i had never noticed before, like all the weird face's in my closet doors. i felt like i could do anything, like i was in a dream.

I felt like nothing could hurt me, i was planing on going out side, but i was going to jump through my window, my friend told me to use the door instead. the trees out side were the most awsome looking things ive ever seen. everything felt really good on my finger tips. I felt like everything around me was part of me.
I went back in side, i think my friend went home around this time, so i was alone and i felt it.
I passed out about here .

i felt very fragile after my trip. but im looking forward to doing it again.

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