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3.5 Grams of Penis Envy (intense trip)

Frazier mountain, CA

My penis envy harvest was due right before the summer semester's finals. Through out the finals i dried about an ounce of P.E. When my finals finished i called my friend and told him its time. 
We packed our bags and went camping. we got there at 4pm and by 6pm we had the tent set and all our equipment set and ready for the trip. Sun set was at 8:18 pm so we decided to trip while the transition of night and day was happening so i took 3.5 (an 1/8th) and my friend took 1.9 g right at 6 pm. those mushrooms were the only thing i ate all day and i knew this was heading to out of this world experience. it did not take long at all ( about 15 minutes ) when i asked my friend if it hit him and he said not yet... but i had the visuals at this point. i looked at him and the trees in the background were dancing. i reported to him that im taking off. 

around 7 pm he was feeling the mushrooms too but at this point i was completely fucked up. i looked at the rocks and the ground and i could hear the earth's energy saying WOOOOOOOOOOOO like some kind of electricity current running thru it. my friends voice was echoing in my head as he talked and the birds on the trees were singing but i could swear i understood what they were saying....i looked up and i could see the moon and some stars started to appear as the sky kept getting dimmer and dimmer but those birds were still singing in my head. i looked up to the trees and i saw the birds all lined up and looking at me. i was about to freak out then i realized that its not possible and im tripping. 

when the sun went down and we were in complete darkness, our only light was the fire .... i kept looking at my friends face that was lit by the fire and he had 4 eyes. 2 on the normal spot and 2 on his forehead right above the other 2. i told him "dude u have 4 eyes" he started laughing and i just giggled but i was bothered with his 4 eyes and  i just looked up to the sky. the stars were completely out and since it was a new moon(stage of the moon where u cant see it yet) these starts were abnormally bright and clear. they kept changing color and move so fast i felt sick looking at them since i couldnt focus on them. i remembered my family and i told my friend i wonder how my brothers are doing ... i should call them and tell them all about my life ( i knew i was talking to someone but i had COMPLETELY forgotten this is my best friend next to me ... but i just knew someone is listening to me ) he said "what do you want to tell them ?" with a weird echoing voice. i looked down and started crying !!!! he said ( my best friend which was just a voice in my head ) dude why are u crying ? i said i want to tell them that they should accept the revolutionary person i am ! he asked : what do you mean ? I said:  i want to change this shit hole of a country this politicians made from our beautiful country ! then i said tell my family i am dying for this goal and for my country ! i was not scared at all .... i didnt feel alive at that point ! i felt like i was in another dimension ! i felt so holy i felt so clean... and i said im not scared of them killing me ... i will sacrifice my life for a better future ... and it is YOUR responsibility ( i pointed at my friend ) to tell the world what kind of a person i was... and i kept crying but it was happy tears. i had visions that they wana kill me but i was happy ... this was very weird i really felt dead and i was saying if THIS FEELING is what i will feel when i die .... then so be it ... let the politicians kill me coz i swear i am NOT going to sit down and watch them ruin this country and the future of generations to come ! 

couple of hours later the intensity of the trip got much less. i was coming down but i was still seeing crazy visuals but at that point ( around 12am) i was back to the camp ground... i knew i was with my boy and i knew where i was yet i still had some sick ass art work going thru my head. hours later i calmed down and was able to go to sleep. 

Crazy trip i loved it......

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