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Disco woodland walk, Then total loss of my senses

25i-nbome and 5-meo-dmt perfect match

After a long day of work my friend well call him j, text me saying he has to try this new Chem he has acquired. I'm always up for a new experiment  so we meet  for the dosing at my house. The tabs were complexed and doses at 550ug, we took one tab to start with and that was placed under the lip. For maximum affect no salvia could be swallowed at least 20 minutes. There was no taste really except for a little bitterness and numbness of the gum which was to be expected, it also made both our mouths water like crazy. When the 20 minutes was up the mouth full of salvia was swallowed and moved the tab to under the tongue.

After about 20 minutes after swallowing i started to notice I've a lot of excess energy, which I didn't know if It was just excitement or the Chen kicking in. Both me and J had a real MDMA, smiling like I was a little child in a massive toyshop filled with excitement and happiness. This lasted for about an hour when a few distortion started, and the last tab was then cut into two then placed under the lip. Holding the saliva this time proved be quite difficult as I couldn't stop laughing, and drooling everywhere. After the next 20 minutes we both swallowed the remaining salvia and move the tab.

It was now about one hour after the original tab was taken and colours were starting to look a lot brighter. My pupils were dilated and the MDMA affects of the second tab started kicking. With all the excess energy we thought we should go for walk to the woodlands is just down the road. When you go outside I started to realise that i was actually tripping quite a bit. Street lamps had an extreme brightness to them and everything to houses and cars were breathing so to speak. The walk was filled with laughter and wondering what we look like other people. When we got to the Woodlands it was pitch black and it took a while for my eyes to readjust, patterns started to merge out of the darkness that we're lacking of colour at this point.

We got to an opening in the woods where we stopped roll as cigarettes and take the smell of some poppers. The poppers briefly intensified the trip making it quite hard to stand up. The patterns with open eyes started to get more and more notable every second that passed, there was a lot of kaleidoscopic imagery and super Mario like blocks painted everywhere. We even found a glowworm in the grass which I thought that was J phone, I still don't know if I actually did but I'm pretty sure I saw one. 

We started walking down what I knew was a mile long path, but it didn't seem like that. We got lost a few times out of confusion as it looks as though we were walking through a dense forest. After what felt like two hours we got to the end of the path to an extremely muddy bit where J got his footstuck in the mud, which made both of us cracked up laughing like the first time I smoked cannabis it was brilliant. The visuals started getting a bit twinkly in colour like a rainbow which dazzled both of us, but died down very quickly. After this we headed back to mine as I had a little of 5-meo-dmt left which was quite inviting at this point, and we had no idea of what time is actually was and how long we've been out.

When we got back it turns out we were only out for two hours, which felt like five. So our trip was almost at an end. We smoked a cigarette and then out came the lovely DMT crystals. This was taken in two doses one of the doses was a 5mg line insuffulated.  This brought on a quite strong trip but not strong enough. So I racked up to more lines of 10mg and this was insuffulated as well. The burn from the line with like battery acid it hurt like crazy, then the burn flowed into my throat. I was overwhelmed with an extreme passing on the ceiling and then felt my body become the pattern. I was twisting and turning and flowing with this pattern till I exploded into pieces. All I could see was extreme colours that I could not tell from one another and had the feeling of no return.

When we came to both of us became overwhelmed with a sense of peace I've never felt before, still with extreme patterning and kaleidoscopic visual which lasted about an hour

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