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schizocybin head trippin

Split my fucking mind

We had reached our destination and started our confusing journey;
excited out of my mind for this would only be the 3rd time id consume mushrooms.
so down they went, into my stomach to sizzle, within minutes i felt the familiar rubber high, only this time stronger.. and stranger... and more confusing and violent and... shrooms.
my thoughts started spinning before i even saw a single visual, racing back and forth from one paranoid thought to another, i heard my friends "talking about me" while i took a piss, i felt awkward and estranged from my closest friends. i was stranded in a mad house atop a cold mountain with familiar strangers i wasnt sure how to deal with.

after an hour the peak set in and my friends decided to go outside and smoke a bowl or 4 and this is when the mucks really set in, wire animals spring from the ground and clung to my legs, i brushed them away and more grew back, the thousands of stars that lit the sky began connecting, creating pattern after pattern, i probably spent most of my time looking up before we went on inside.
*walk in* 
scene change is crazy!
not quite familiar with psychedelia at this point in my life;)

the rest of my trip from this point was rather frightening, doubting facts, weaving delusions, i felt as though i was having a sort of schizophrenic break
I had always been the one who could handle his mind, even today friends inform me of how drugs have seemingly no affect to me on the outside, but i had not only lost my grip on reality, i lost my hands that clutched the world around me, id cut anchor and set sail, carried only by the heavy winds of the endless trip.
i was sure that everyone could read my mind, and i could read theres. their thoughts were spread all across the twisting room and as i walked, i walked through them. i was slowly drifting from room to room through what i can only describe as an ocean of subconscious thought processes, i could see it, it was the collective pool and i was swimming faster and faster toward the deep end, no more body, or much of the physical reality existed, it was all metaphysical psychoid stucture.
this highly transe like state slowly passed and at some point or another through my trip of rubber limbs, snakes, and more schizotypal thoughts i felt my mind snap. moreso i saw it. i witnessed the slit the shot down my conscious and literally shattered it, splintering off into millions of thoughts. my mind was racing so fast i could hear multiple thoughts at once, i didnt even know if they were mine anymore, my head felt like a crowded mess of frightening voices, and i could hear each and every one clearly, processing all of the information... not that i could recall any of it.
eventually this slowed down enough to catch my breath at which point my friend (who had taken only half the dose i did) was explaining how even a 3 gram trip had never produced such effects for him! 
also a few friends who never ascended the mountain ate the same shrooms we did, and upon asking how they were i was returned only astonished looks, a true testament to these mucks!
i never knew shrooms of the same species could vary so greatly in strength.
+++back to the trip+++
so my mind slows down and i get the wonderful idea to gaze at my reflection, my trip is at 3+ hours and still nuts as fuck, no sign of a slow
as i gaze on the bathtub gurgles out tribal voices and the room begins to spin, i laugh a bit and stumble out only to find those strange, shroomy patterns that clung to the walls and floor were making images, these images were me!
all of them, everywhere, every damn square inch of every room was me. old pictures, goofy faces, sometimes angry or laughing faces, and at one point i even witnessed what id look like in the future briefly.
even when i walked outside to toke, the stars that made patterns before were just my face, staring down upon myself. i got an incredibly eerie feeling that all my life ive been stuck in my head. we all are, everything we see, feel, smell, experience is our own twist on what is actually there, an inescapable and unseen drape that encloses us, a reflective surface to our multi sensual super structure, we are slaves to our own heads. 
the following 3 hours were spent enjoying the visuals and the comedown. nothing quite as notable as the mind shattering experience id just had.
i felt as though id unfolded dimensions within myself i may never want to see again.
crazy night
love those fuckers

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