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The Most Epic, Intense Trip EVER!!!

My shrooms/lsd/ecstasy trip with my friends

Alright well it all started off when my friends, let's call them 'L' and 'S', and I, 'J', decided to triple flip on ecstasy, LSD, and shrooms. We called it flowerflipping. If ur still reading this please finish cause trust me it gets better. Anyway this was to celebrate the fact that we had finally finished our final exams for school. Now after class I called my first dealer up for the X, and me and L purchased 6 rolls, and after waiting for my second dealer to get back to me finally purchased 6 blotters of acid, and a half ounce of very potent cubensis mushrooms.

Our plan was to meet up at S's house and stay the night, as his parents were out of town for the weekend. So later that night we meet at his house and pop 2 rolls, drop the 2 blots, and eat nearly 5 grams each of shrooms at 8pm. After about 10 minutes we're all laughing our asses off and I know something crazy is about to happen. S stands up screaming like a madman and starts smashing everything in his house. His computer, tv, his parents photos and home decor. All being hurled and destroyed by S. "S calm down!" i yelled, but it's like were invisible to him. L says he's starting to see rainbows and satans everywhere and things are begining to morph and expand for me, and with S acting insane, we decide to leave before we get hurt. Just when were running out of the community we see 4 cop cars coming up to S's house lights flashing, siren on. Were so paranoid at this point, that it's turning into a bad trip only 20 minutes in. Me and L are both seeing 7 feet tall satans walking around (which were probably just regular people) and rainbows poping out of the ground everywhere. "We need to go to ur house, ur parents will be asleep by now" i say, and we make a mad dash to L's house (3 miles away). Together we feel like a sparkly rainbow blur running. After what felt like an hour of running, we stopped to catch out breath only to find we have absolutly no idea where we've just run too. The streets are almost pitch black with only the moon as light and our trip is over an hour in. I feel like the sidewalks are paved straight into the air and buildings are wobbling back and forth like crazy. It's a darker less colorful trip now, and me a L are the last people on this planet. And then I hear a voice. "What are you doing!" the face looks like it has 3 mouths but I recognize the voice instantly as my ex-girlfriends. I open my mouth to speak, but all that comes out is, "shurglllle!" and some spit. "OMG ur on drugs aren't you!" she yells. I'm terrified by this. She knows what I've done. I'm exposed! I grab L's hand and force him to start running with me, knocking my ex to the ground in the escape.

Were gasping for air but we don't stop running untill we get to a park .5 miles from L's house. I can barely make out anything in reality at this point. The grass is purple, the sky is black, and the playground equipment looks like metal aliens waving their arms at me. My head is racing to survive and not get caught. Meanwhile I don't notice a large man that turned out to be a cop creep up. "Everything alright boys?" all I can do is stare at him with pupils that were probably HUGE! L gets enough courage to finally speak after what feels like a lifetime of no reply but ends giggling childishly instead at the 10 eyes and green skin the man has. I hear the cop mutter something to his radio but can only make out "under the influence" before me and L start making a run for it immediatly. I hear him chasing us but were so fast he soon disappears behind us. FINALLY!!! We arrive outside L's house!!!! Our mushroom/LSD/ecstasy trip is officially at it's peak and things are looking insane!!!! Houses swirling in a vortex, plants jumping, trees walking around and talking, the sky is raining sparkles!!!!!! And with the adrenaline pumping through us we felt like we were floating across the pavement. L can't unlock the front door he's tripping so hard. So we manage to crawl over his fence, which looked 12 feet tall. I'm crying I'm so relieved to be safe and just lay on the grass, L says he's gonna go through the back door to us the bathroom inside and leaves me. I crawl to the pool in the yard and touch the beautiful rainbow water, it felt so blissful and euphoric, it felt like an eternity. And then it hit me... L didn't have a pool in his yard... This was not L's house! All the paranoia comes rushing back to me. I scramble up to go find L so we can leave and find his house but freeze when I hear a loud BANG!. Then I see L. He comes running/screaming into the yard with what looks like a tall alien chasing after him with a semi-automatic in his hands. L grabs my arm running and flings us both over the fence, we dash until we find L's real house and then I notice L is completly naked. I'm way too tripped out to find this funny at the time but L has a huge package. His buldging arousal erecting into the air like flag pole. It was covered in geometric patterns and was so amazing to look at. I just wanted to touch that silky smooth area so bad. Anyway we get over L's real fence and into his house. Sorry I might have talked about the buldge too much. I'm not gay. Not that I have a problem with gays. I actually love gay people. Just not like that. Anyway were in his house and were trying to get to L's room and trying to be as quiet as possible as to not wake L's parents. It's around 3am now. Its so dark and that's just making us have so many colorful visuals we thought we were being quiet but in reality we were probably pretty fu**ing loud as we traveled up the long stairs which seemed to go on forever. I had to use the bathroom so once we got to L's room I went to the bathroom by his bedroom. I ended up not even going, I just got lost in the mirror which looked like a portal to another dimension and passed out on the toilet. I had a pretty mother fu**ing crazy a** night. Anyways to make a long story short, my friend S got arrested, L almost got shot, and Im sh*ting blood from combining mushrooms/LSD/ecstasy.

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