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First time on Shrooms [TRIP REPORT]

Mushrooms are officially my "drug" of choice

My first trip was fairly recent. A couple months ago at a festival, Project Earth. I had never tried any psychedelics before, only smoked a lot of marijuana. Me and my friends scored some mushroom chocolates that had about 2 grams each. I was extremely nervous and worried about having a bad trip, as I have heard plenty of horror stories, but it turned out nothing like I had expected. 

I ate a half a chocolate in the evening just before it got dark. We went walking around as it got darker outside and the whole time I was anxiously waiting for the effects to kick in. My friends were already pretty smiley and said they were getting some visuals, but I still didn't feel anything. We went back to our campsite and sat down for a minute. That's when it started to kick in. 

I remember everyone else talking but I was just looking around wondering if I was feeling it yet or not. When all of a sudden I realized I had a huge grin on my face, for no reason. I tried to stop smiling but it just felt impossible. Thinking about the fact that I was smiling somehow seemed hilarious to me, and I kept laughing and trying to stifle it, then laughing again. You know when something's not funny but you're trying not to laugh so it just makes it funnier? Well this was the case here. I just couldn't stop laughing at the fact that I was laughing about the fact that I was smiling like an idiot for no reason. I was having a pretty good time just sitting there laughing to myself :-) 

We got up and walked around some more (at this point it was around 9 and pretty dark out. So being at a festival, we saw all sorts of LED toys and glowy objects, which everyone else in the group was mesmerized by. I, on the other hand, wasn't getting any visuals. I just felt different in my head and body. It was definitely more of a body high, but with just enough of a head high. I wasn't full on "tripping" though so I decided to take the other half. A little later I started to slowly lose touch with reality only in my mind. I felt as if the only reason I was still walking and functioning normally was because my body was on "auto pilot" but my mind wasn't. I felt so great, and happy. Normally I'm a very shy, socially awkward person, but I knew exactly what to say, and was being a great conversationalist with everyone. I felt on top of the world. 

One memory of the trip that stood out the most to me was when me and my group were walking through what I thought to be a fence (turns out we weren't walking through a fence and I was hallucinating, lol) And I saw a glowing green light coming towards me. Time slowed down a lot, and I looked around for my friends but I couldn't see anything but black, and the green light. I thought for sure I was hallucinating, so I figured, this thing isn't real, so it's probably just gonna go through me. Until it hit me. Literally. It hit me in the face. My first reaction was "what?", and that's exactly what I said. I snapped back into reality and my friends were laughing and I heard a little girl apologize but I didn't see her. Apparently it was one of those electronic helicopters or something, but it was glowing green? I don't know. Pretty trippy, hehe.

Another cool thing that happened was when I was waiting for a porta-potty to be unoccupied I noticed a poster with pictures of butterflies on it. I focused in on one butterfly and it's wings started moving. It was pretty cool! When I got into the porta potty I had a hard time keeping my balance, haha. 
But I thought to myself, "this porta-potty is AWESOME".. for unknown reasons. 

We went back to camp again after walking around for a while, and I wanted to sit alone in my tent for a little bit so my friends went to the camp nextdoor to sit by the fire. I had the tent open just sitting in it, and the second I realized I was alone the trip got a lot more intense. It felt like I was seeing everything upside down, but I wasn't. I kept thinking I was seeing a face in the trees watching me, so that was kinda scary but then I'd just remember that I was tripping and I'd be fine. The whole time I kept noticing things about myself and the world. Things that normal people don't usually think about unless they're on something, but they didn't scare me or send my into a bad trip like most people. Probably because I'm a deep thinker and think similar thoughts on a regular basis so it was nothing new to me. I eventually started to come down when I was laying down in my tent alone later. Overall it was a great first trip, not too intense, but just enough to get a feel for it. Next time I plan on upping my dosage and tripping alone to have a more spiritual trip. I would recommend mushrooms to anyone considering. They're a great experience to have. 

Hakuna Matata~ :-)

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