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2nd Time Shrooming. Amazing Out of Body Experience!!

3 grams of Psilocybe Cubensis

Okay so first a little bit of background information about me before I get into my story.  I am a 24 year old female, college graduate, currently in graduate school.  Smoke weed regularly, drink occasionally.  I first tripped on mushrooms about a month ago (6/8/12) and I decided to go on my second trip a few days ago (7/13/12).  The first time, my best  friend (who is a girl) and I tripped on mushrooms with 3 other people (2 of our guy friends, and my boyfriend).  The first time, we were the only two who actually enjoyed our trip and did not have a bad trip at any point during the experience.  So, naturally, we wanted to experience this bliss again.  I originally was going to trip with my boyfriend, but he said he did not have a good experience so my friend and I decided we will just trip together.   The first time I just saw trippy visuals and felt abnormally happy, like nothing could ever bother me.  The second time was COMPLETELY different and I can honestly say, I was NOT prepared.  So here is the story, it is long and detailed so bare with me.

It was an amazing day here in SoCal about 90 degrees.   But it was a very eerie day.  It was somewhat overcast, scorching, and humid.  Somehow, this weather was perfect to me for tripping.  So before my friend got to my place, I picked up a pizza from Domino's to eat my shrooms with.  My friend on the other hand, had a different plan for the day: she decided she was going to trip on acid instead.  I was completely fine with that.  So when she got to my place, she dissolved the acid paper in her mouth and I ate about 3/4 of my shrooms with my pizza.  We then watched some Family Guy to get us going.  About 15 minutes after eating the mushrooms, I started to feel anxious and very nervous.  I didn't quite understand why this time tripping gave me this sort of anxiety since I did not experience this the first time.  30 minutes after eating the mushrooms, I started to get some visuals.  I looked at the tiles on the the living room floor and the pink swirls in the tile looked like mist, swirling around in circles almost like a mini-hurricane.  I really enjoyed looking at the tiles; they looked like clouds it was beautiful.  They looked so much like clouds, that I felt as if I got off the couch and stepped onto them that I would fall through.  Even though I felt happy looking at the tiles, I still felt very anxious.  My friend hadn't even started to come up.  I decided to put on some music (trance to be exact) but this still did not bring down my anxiety.  

About 45 minutes into the trip, I decided to go into my bedroom to clear my head.  My friend still wasn't feeling any of the effects of the acid so she stayed in the living room.  Once inside the room, I panicked.  I started crying and trying to figure out why all this was happening.  And then it hit me.  I have NEVER done any drugs (weed or shrooms) without my boyfriend there with me and for some reason I felt very alone.  My friend heard me crying and tried to console me.  But I knew that she could not help, I had to help myself.  So I kept telling myself that my boyfriend will be coming home in 2 hours and that I am okay.  For some reason, knowing he was coming in a couple hours calmed me down.  After that I was relieved that I was able to continue my trip with a positive mindset.  About an hour into the trip, my friend started coming up.  I remember we were just laughing about the situation that just happened and we were both so happy that things were good now.  We decided to go outside and enjoy the day.  This is where the magic happened....

I threw down a blanket on the grass in my backyard and we sat down.  My friend picked up a leaf that was very soft and had tiny hairs all over it. We passed it back and forth for like 15 minutes just stroking it.  We kept busting out laughing about how hairy it was and what purpose those hairs had.   We probably looked crazy but we didn't care. Then we got up and searched for the tree that shed these hairy leaves.  We found it and we kept on laughing about all the unique things this tree shed.  It shed these very strange seeds which were in little green hairy cones.  It also had huge white flowers all over it that looked like lotuses.  We couldn't stop laughing at how trippy this tree was.   We were about 2 hours into the trip at this point.  We returned to the blanket and started staring at the grass.  The grass was swaying back and forth and the whole yard was flowing like lava it was insane.  All of a sudden I spotted a caterpillar walking randomly on the cement.  I got up, grabbed it, and brought it back to the blanket to show my friend.  It was so soft and it was walking all over my hands.  I kept calling it a "he".  In fact, I called everything we saw outside a he or she (trees, leaves, bugs etc.). I felt so connected with nature that anything in nature could not just simply be an "it".  

We started to feel bad for holding up the caterpillar from whatever his duties were so we let him go in the grass.  He disappeared so fast and it looked like the grass was so deep and complex.  I started thinking about how the grass is like a huge city for bugs and that we, on our blanket, are squishing their city.  This made me feel sad.  At this point we were about 3 hours in the trip when we decided to lay on our backs and look up at the sky.  This is the part that is hard to explain.  The clouds in the sky were swirling and kept changing every second.  If you turned your head for a split second, the clouds were in a different formation.  My friend and I started talking about how we take the beauty of the sky for granted when we are sober and that we should appreciate it's greatness.  We then spotted a swirling rainbow in the sky and we wondered if this was some sort of portal to another world it was so amazing and we truly believed it.  We weren't sure if we could only see it or it was really there.  We could see planes that were thousands of miles high in the sky and it was crazy that we had the ability to see them up there.  They looked like little specks I do not even know how we were able to see them.  I then got up and ate the remaining 1/4 of my mushrooms to really get things started. 

I sat back down on the blanket after eating the remaining shrooms and we kept looking around the yard at all of the beautiful life.  We lay back down on our backs and kept looking at the clouds and airplanes.  While we were doing this, every few seconds a fly, or a bird, or a bee would zoom over above me.  It felt as if they were inches away from my face. They would fly over so fast but at the same time they looked so slow due to the tracers behind them.  Anything that moved whether it be a cat in the grass near us or a bird would have a massive tracer.  Then I though to myself that I usually hate flies and bees flying around me, but this time I welcomed them.  I didn't care if I was covered in flies or bees because I could not hate anything.  My friend then said that there are no purpose to flies and why are they even living.  I felt very saddened by the fact that she could question the life of something.  I told her that flies have a purpose and they deserve to be here just as much as we do.  She then agreed and we continued looking at the sky.  

About 40 minutes later, the most astonishing thing happened.  I felt like I died.  But it was very peaceful.  I was looking up at the sky on my back.  But this time I was looking at the sky as a whole and I felt as if I was in outer space floating above the Earth.  I could see the atmosphere, with all of its different layers and all the different shades of blue.  The clouds looked very dense and they were constantly swaying and swirling.  I felt as if I was floating inches above the Earth and that I could reach out and touch it.  I was completely out of touch with reality.  I was no one, nothing, just a blob in a dream-like state. I could not take my eyes off the astonishing size of the Earth that I even forgot to breathe.  My friend was feeling the exact same thing. We were motionless, speechless and just in awe.    It was mind-blowing.  The music that I was playing was trance and it meshed perfectly with the feeling.  We probably laid there for about an hour straight not speaking or moving just watching the clouds and savoring the feeling of being in space.  The clouds looked so complex.  Some looked like cotton candy swirling, some looked like dense snow melting.  The blue hue of the sky was breathtaking.

Once we came out of our dream like state, we were in hour 5 of our trip.  My boyfriend had come home in the middle of our out of body experience and saw we were tripping so he quietly went inside.  Once he saw us come out of this state, he came out and asked us if we wanted anything to drink or eat.  My friend randomly blurted out that she wanted a carrot (WTF?).  Well we eat healthy so of course we had one.  I decided too that I would have a carrot.  It was delicious and I enjoyed the crunchy goodness.  After we ate our carrots, we realized that we have never sat down and watched the sunset.  We decided that it would be amazing to see it.  So we laid back down and looked up as the sky took on an orange hue.  The clouds were unrecognizable to what they were earlier.  It looked as if the whole sky was wiped clean and new clouds were thrown throughout.  

My friend and I began talking about how human lives are somewhat robotic.  We wake up, go to work or school, come home, and go to sleep.  I mentioned to her that life would be much better if humans were not tied down with all of the responsibilities we have today, especially with the burden of finances and money.  I was sad that I could not just lay here like I did all day and enjoy just living, breathing, and admiring our world.  My friend then admitted that sometimes she becomes depressed about this.  I knew I had to be there for her and realized that even though we feel like this now, in this moment we are currently not living.  I told her that the state we are in now is not reality and this isn't real.  In a normal state of mind, this would never be possible to see what we saw and feel what we felt.  It was perfectly clear to me that you can live in two different worlds.  Under shrooms is one world and sober is another world.  But in shroom world, you are more isolated and cannot relate to people in the other world.  You could not function in the normal world if you were in shroom world all of the time.  I realized that life is wonderful no matter how difficult it is.  I realized that I need to appreciate things.  Even the fact that I have been in college now for 6 years straight and am still not at my career goal (this always bugs me in my sober life).  I should appreciate that I am educating myself and taking knowledge to another level.  After I realized this, I told her that she should be happy to be alive, happy to have a place to live and be fed.  We then vouched that when we came out of it, we would appreciate things more and spend more time outdoors.

We stayed outside and watched the sunset (which was about the 6th hour of our trip). The sky changed to so many amazing colors. It went from blue, to orange, to bright red, to purple, to black.  It was astonishing. After dark fell, we decided to go inside.  The comedown was extremely rough and I kept feeling very nauseous.  I forced myself to eat then I decided to take a shower. After this I felt much better. By the 7th hour of our trip, the effects had mostly worn off but I was left with a massive headache.

After this experience, I do not think that I will be doing shrooms again.  I experienced everything I hoped to experience and much more than I could even fathom.  Besides, the main thing that I took away from this trip was that I need to cherish reality.  At times during my trip, things were very overwhelming and I missed reality.  The out of body experience was amazing and I took a lot out of it.  But I would not want to go to that place again.  Because of this experience I can honestly say that I am going to take more time in my life to enjoy nature, explore this beautiful world, and just be happy that I am alive and healthy.   

Thanks for reading if you got this far. Hope you enjoyed it. :)


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