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1st time,scary

It was Canada day and I had no more than a 1.

It was Canada day and I had no more than a 1.5 gr, and it sscrewed me up. we walked down this trail took it and bout 20 minuits later me and my friend were laughing at EVERYTHING. when people walked in front i would laugh because there asses looked so funny. then we went and were talking to everyone and it felt like the hold world was vibrating, my body felt like when you stand up to fast and black out, i started to hate it.
I kept on trying to go sit down but I couldn't leave my friends I was to scared people were trying to talk to me and I couldn't understand them, it started to rain and we sat on the hill.
I started shaking really bad and HATED it I wanted out of it so bad. I saw shrooms and dandielions everywhere (I guess there were none in site) and when I closed my eyes I ssaw all these wierd trippy designes and pictured my friend rotting with flowers coming out of her head. I was going to call my mom cus I was really scared but my friends helped to calme me down. Everything was moving like they were in those disco lights 9when they flash really fast) and soon everything looked like fernes, the grass and the trees. The sky looked reaalllllllllly wierd, like someone was mixing colors in it.
People would be next to me and then all of a sudden gone. I went to the bathroom and the grass on the floor started to melt together and move around. the bushes nearby looked like a jungle and it kept on growing, the brnches were reaching around the other trees. the grass looked like pot, and it looke like everyone had pot somwhere on there body and there hair looked like ferns, then it looked like it was snowing out or there was a white screen in front of everyone.
I couldn't feel me face or my hands so I kept hitting myslef trying ot get the feeling back we watched the fire works, which was normal except it was really funny and now I couldn't think in my head so I thought aloud and couldn't stop talking. I started to enjoy it. it was time to leave and I really could not tell if it was raining or not, and am still not sure if it was. On the buss there are white dots all over the flor, those were melting and flowing around like they were in a river or puddle or something, and when I got home, my skin kept on moving around wierd and everything seemed really little. That was it! oh yah and the colors were really vibrant

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