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4th of July and tripping at a party

50 wet grams of shrooms

So, my entire reason for starting my PF-Tek grow when I did, was so I would be able to watch my local fireworks display after eating them. I didnt really plan anything beyond that, though I generally try not to plan my trips, and let the mushrooms guide me.

So we had a little cookout beforehand, and I made sure not to eat too much, this was around 5:00p and a few friends came over who were going to trip with me. Now I did want to trip with my best friend who was also there, but he was having a big party at his house, so we figured it would be a bad idea. And he ended up leaving early to get his place ready for people to show up.

Around 9:30 myself and 3 of my good friends all started eating some shrooms. I gave them all 3 dry grams that I had been saving up, and then I picked all the fresh mushrooms off my cakes that were ready to go, and it weighed 48.8 grams.

So we'll say 9:30p is the start, and the fireworks start at 10:00p

0:15, I can feel the onset already and we all walk down the street to the park and find a comfortable, semi-remote place to sit where we will be able to watch the show.

0:30, I am getting mild visuals from car lights and watching the mass of people at the bottom of the hill all moving around (they lack the grace of an ant colony) Also, 2 of the friends who were with us (and are also brothers, lets call them M and T) go to find another friend (lets call him H) who is supposed to meet up with us, because he left some stuff at my house. They remain gone for the entire fireworks show, I assumed they just watched from the bottom of the hill (both are capable of handling drugs, and are much more social than I)

The fireworks start, and the show was great for me, with visuals becoming stronger by the minute. There was a mentally handicapped individual who was seated about 15 feet away, and every time a firework went off, he would chuckle a little bit. This started messing with me a little bit but wasnt unpleasant, it actually put me in a happy mood (when if I was sober I would have found it a little annoying)

1:00, my remaining friend (we'll call him E) tells me he is feeling the onset pretty well now and is also getting visuals, I fell a little bummed because I should have predicted the longer onset of dried shrooms and let them eat theirs earlier. But the fireworks are still going and its a pretty good display.

1:30, the fireworks ended their grand-finale and now the hundreds of people who are at the park are all starting the rush to their cars to try to get out on the 1 road leading to it. I am mildly amused watching their idiotic antics as people rush in fron of cars, and no one is paying attention to anything but themselves. Little did I know this would set the tone of my trip for the night. My friend and I get up and I call our other companions, and we decide to meet on the road in front of my house. I have to struggle a bit while walking so that I dont seem drunk, my friend does also, but we do ok.

1:45, I am tripping pretty hard now, and my other friends are feeling good themselves, we are all back at my house and wondering what to do. Our non-tripping friend, H (still really fucked up on other drugs) suggests we come with him to my buddys party, and for some reason we all agree. So he drives M, and E over leaving me to drive T over. So I get in my car and tell T to remember that I'm tripping pretty hard and not to let me get distracted. M suggests we stop at Walmart on the way to buy glowstick, and I say "fuck that"

2:00, We all make it over to the party okay, though the drive was very difficult. H goes off to join the party. We then realize that there is almost 70 people there. Its crowded as a motherfucker, and I dont really want to be around it, neither do my companions.. We decide to take a hike in the woods. The hike is pretty awesome, we play with some beetles, and mess around in the small creek, look at the stars and the moon, check out different plants.. It was all pretty good.

3:30, we just make it back to the house. The entire party is outside, and my buddy tells us since we are tripping its cool for us to go in and chill for a bit, but not to let any drunks in the house. So we go inside and we all shut ourselves in a dark bedroom, and I enjoy looking out through the blinds at the partygoers who have no idea theyre being watched. We listen to the entirety of Pink Floyd's "Shine On You Crazy Diamond" and then we try to play Mario Cart on the Wii, but its too hard.

4:15, my friends are coming down pretty well now so they kinda want to go out and talk to some people at the party. I'm still tripping pretty good, and I'm not a very social person as it is (I like hanging out with people, but being around 70 people is too much when I'm tripping, especially when theyre drunk) So I climb a tree in my friends front yard and sit on my perch observing them all. I usually end up observing living things when I trip, like anthill, or frogs, or my cat or dog, etc, but never really people. Now I am very smart, and dumb people really annoy me, but it was so interesting to watch these 'primitive creatures' in their 'natural habitat' I was listening in on private conversations, watching people see how much liquor they could choke down before vomiting, and seeing how their feeble brains couldnt cope with the simplest of tasks. Normally this type of thin makes me upset, but for some reason, my entire night I was Zen, calm, calculating.

4:45, I was watching a girl who locked her keys in her car, and several guys came up to try to help her. Knowing some of them personally I knew all that could come out of this was desrtuction. I watched them struggle with trying to break into her car for several minutes. Having broken into a couple different cars myself (not illegaly, just because I or someone else had locked keys inside) I knew I could go over there and have the car open in less than 30 minutes without even putting a scratch on it. Being the helpful person I am, I started to climb down from my tree, but then hesitated... Why should I help these inferior beings? They are what is wron with our planet. Maybe if they learn a $200 lesson, they'll be a little smarter, and wont fuck up MY shit so much anymore. So I stop and observe still, as the girls door handle gets pulled off and people talk about whether or not to break the window... Thankfully for her, another friend of mine came along and had a 'slim-jim' and opened it up in about a minute..


5:30, this is when shit got crazy. Some drunk mofo from out of the state who only knew 1 person at the party started talking ALOT of shit. My buddy J (who owns the house, and threw the party) tries to calm the guy down a little so things dont get out of hand, but the guy shoves him to the ground. Now you know how a crowd of 30 drunk 20-25 year old guys can get riled up, and it happened VERY quickley. My friend J tells the guy "I'm the motherfucker whos party youre at and I see about 15 people who got my back, so you need to calm down or go home, or we'll drop you off at the hospital"

By now Ive come down off my perch and am standing at the outskirts of the fray. I'm just wanting to make sure J is all good, other than that I couldnt care less. I still can get excited though, remaining calm, depite the fact that I could actually smell the testosterone in the air. All of a sudden about 6 separate little skirmishes break out between different people, because nobody want to back down in front of a crowd. Nothing serious, just some small fistfights. Then the crowd calms down again, but the drunk mofo who started it all goes and grabs an axe out of the wood pile and starts treatening people with it, and saying. "Yall all trying to gang up on me, well I run this party" and dumb shit like that. Another friend of mine, who isnt a very big guy, but is chiseled out of stone, walks up and beats the shit out of this guy. I'm talking swinging on him till his face is unrecongnisable, and they guy is screaming and bleeding and crying. At that point everybody basically clears out. Theres just about 10 of us left at the house, including my original posse.


6:30, now we are having more fun than when all the other people were there. Everyone ended up being ok (with the exception of the out of town dumbass, but nothing was heard from or about him even several weeks later) and we all just chilled out on the driveway looking at stars and jamming music. At 4:00am I left with one of my pot-dealing buddies to go to a local resturant close to my house and got a badass breakfast, then I went home and slept most of the day.


Crazy night...

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