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Tripping at School (Not A Good Idea...)

Psilocybe subaeruginosa : 20 Mushrooms

This is a really old story of one of my earliest experiences with Psilocybin.

The day after having my first experience with shrooms in tea i decided to ingest 20 regular size Psilocybe subaeruginosa mushrooms at around 8:00 AM. 

I start walking to school, feel them kicking in but not aware it would become so much more intense. I get to school and see my peers who also knew about the secret garden that had a massive patch along it. I tell them my dose and they reply "why would you have so many before school? your going to be tripping fucking balls!!!. They had only ingested around 7 of them, i start to feel paranoid that i'm not going to be able to handle it but i go with it anyway. 

8:40 AM : I'm starting to feel it a lot now, laughed my ass off in home group at the breathing walls and other peoples faces morphing. 

9:00 AM : I go to maths having trouble locating my class but eventually find it and realize i'm starting to have full effects, while waiting for my teacher i stand with the rest of my class getting a bit worried that its going to be a nightmare, walls started changing colors and everyone is starting to go orange. I inform some class mates what i was doing and they tell me my pupils looked seriously fucked up. This gets me even more paranoid and anxious but i try to keep it together. We got given a test which was impossible to do, letters and numbers floating off the page and i was completely freaking out because of the hostile vibe the school was giving me. I felt like i would never feel reality again, it realized i was having a bad trip.

9:30 AM : It feels like i've been sitting down waiting for class to end for hours, i kept forgetting where i was, the room looked completely different  I decide its getting too much and manage to get up to ask to go to the toilet.
 It didn't even feel like i was walking, i got a water bottle and poured it over my head feeling like i needed something random to make me snap out of the nightmare. I walked around for a little bit listening to Rundgrens, A Wizard a True Star, a psychedelic masterpiece, it made me feel great. I realized i had experienced intense ego loss.

9:40 AM : I feel i am better enough to go back to class and talk to my class mates about what it was like, i felt like a different person, i could have conversations to people i never talk to and it felt like we were good friends. i felt like i never wanted to go near psilocybin again but after my trip became good i wanted to have more.

There are alot of details i don't really remember haha ;)

Throughout the whole day i was tripping and became used to the feeling, i loved it and consumed more as the day progressed, i was extremely pleased with the way my trip turned out.

Peace %u262E

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