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1/2 gram dried shroom, interstellar travel.


I have taken 1000s of mushrooms since I first discovered them at the age of 14. It was late october and everything was dry. I walked my typical shroom field that was a pine tree field/ grain fed cow field, in Bronson Florida. This particular field had yielded the majority of mushrooms I had taken since childhood. I did not find any fresh caps that day, only a very dried specimen of what I believed to be a cubensis that was barely identifiable. Knowing the smells, bluing, and other characteristics of cubensis, I stuck this dried tiny sample in my pocket which had dried directly in cow dung.  The dried specimen amounted to that of a joints worth of matter or half a gram. I stuck this disappointing amount of dried mushroom in my pocket and left the cow field, feeling major defeat and disappointment. I ended up going to work later that day. After work, I bought a 32 oz of cheap bull malt liquor. I ended up locked outside my apartment that afternoon, so I sat there drinking this 32 oz of schlitz malt liquor or the one with the blue bull on the front. My mind almost made a joke about the dried 1/2 gram specimen of mushroom I still had in my pocket, so I reached in my pocket to find out if it was even still there. It was and I chuckled as I chewed this tiny poor amount of a mushroom specimen.  Sitting there that afternoon, I glanced into the clouds noticing a 3d effect that caught me off guard. The clouds definitely seemed vibrant and more 3 dimensional than usual. I chalked this off as the only effect I would probably experience from such a tiny amount of what I believed to be a dried cubensis. Shortly after, I really started feeling a strong buzz from the beer and surprisingly a nice effect from what appeared to be the mushroom specimen. I walked around the back of my apartment complex as it started getting dark and noticed strange white lights scanning the ground. A strong urge to urinate brought me behind some trees. This urination had a very strong feeling of energy flowing directly through my entire body and onto the ground. I mention this because this same energy feeling became the base of this entire trip. I started almost feeling as though I was not in control of my own actions anymore, like a higher being with a magnet led me around like some decision-less puppet. This magnet force led me to sit down near a neighbors apartment. Now this is where things got strange. I stared back into the sky to an alien language voice speaking into my soul. This language was unrecognizable, yet somehow I understood it's meanings and purpose. Not only could I hear this being speak to me in a alien language, but I could feel its language peering directly into my soul. It discussed some of the negative decisions I had made in my life, or so I believed. Now at this point, I thought I was answering to the creator or some dictator of our universe. As this language became more overpowering, I really started becoming a little intimidated, actually very intimidated. Now at this point I still was here on earth. However, as the voice continued to pierce into my soul, I felt that I was starting to loose grip with all of reality as I knew it. The energy that I felt from the initial urination, to being led around like a puppet, was seeming to slip directly out of my body. The pure energy I felt appeared to be my very own soul, at that point. And I found myself soon feeling as if I was playing tug of war with my soul and reality as I knew it. Just as I felt that all my energy escaped directly out of my body, I would see a glimpse of the surrounding in this world I currently resided near. After a few more tugs of this energy, seemingly attempting to escape my humanly body, one last final tug left what I knew as myself behind into a spiraling kaleidoscope of colors and energy. I no longer knew my existence as I had known it before. This existence was in the form of pure energy, a part of a bigger existence of pure energy. I was no longer a individual of this earth but part of a bigger more powerful energy that was complete and pure. Now the most amazing part of this energy was that all answers were answered as there existed no problems to solve. This energy was the answer and solution to every problem that ever existed. I believed that this energy that I was spiraling through in some other realm or universe was the very existence of all matter and life. However, this energy was pure without any signs of what I understood to be life. I continued flying through this energy wormhole as all the questions I had about life seemed to be answered at the same moment. This was by far the most spiritual experience that I ever have had to this very date 10 something years later. I was truly content and happy without fear, discrimination, problems or confusion in the chaotic world I once knew. This existence seemed to exist for eternity and even my very understanding of time became a earthly myth. I thought that I had reached another plain of existence. Now after appreciating this welcoming new existence I was experiencing, a sudden second later reality was returned to me almost instantaneously. As my vision immediately returned, I noticed that I was still sitting outside and some lady was outside asking me if I was alright. She did not pay much attention to me, only seemed slightly concerned that I just sat there Indian style outside for who knows how long. Here are some of the confusing parts about my spiritual return to earth and my body. I noticed that the time of day had more daylight then I remembered seeing before I went into this trip. Being behind my apartment, I decided to check if the back door was locked even though i remembered that I had already checked it before. Oddly enough, the backdoor was unlocked and no one seemed to have returned since I had been lost in this trip. An amazing confusion overcome me. Time travel? Spiritual enlightenment. Just one fucking potent ass shroom? Well if that was all it was, this shroom had to have the potency of more then all 1000 or more mushrooms I had taken combined. Many years later, I have relived this trip as if it was yesterday. Never forgetting a single detail of this amazing religion embedding experience. The very backbone of my entire faith and belief system is highly stimulated from this spiritually event.
Now my question is, why was this particular mushroom, in such a tiny quantity, more potent then the hardest most twisted wacky trips I had prior. From having audio trips with everything melting rainbows, to my teachers face morphing and rivers of carpet flowing from underneath me, including all the fractal designs that appeared in some 2d dimension within my view, what made this mushrooms specimen special? My theory is that because it was so late in the season, this mushroom strain had the longest amount of time to mature and gather its potency throughout the season. This particular mushroom also lived it's entire life in a cow patty, and sucked all it's nutrients and psilocybe into it's mature mushroom body, before drying in its substrate. It is my suspicion that mushroom strains gain potency throughout the season as the spores continuously hop from one substrate to the next, and the less time in between the next flush, the more potent each generation becomes. And as each generation continuously reproduces throughout the season, they become more potent, without any long period of spore dormancy in between seasons. I believe that this is not only from future flushes, but the spores that land in other substrates of equal value and reproduce as mycelium which eventually produce new fruit. I also suspect that this theory is attached to the theory that wild mushrooms are much more potent then grown mushrooms, regardless of the methods and substrates used. I am also a successful mushroom grower, that grew very successfully on my first try, because of my understanding of the needed environments that mushrooms strive in. When growing mushrooms, it is common that spore prints or syringes have had a significant period of dormancy. Even a week of dormancy can effect the strains potency potential growth or strength(hints finding mutant looking mushrooms early on in shroom season). So my experiment would be to continue a strain of mushrooms growing for literally a few years without pause between the spore offspring and providing fresh substrate for them to re-inoculate within. The closer period of time in between the new generations, the more potent they potentially will become. Flushes from a current substrate do not necessarily mean more potent mushrooms from future flushes, it's having a new equivalently equal substrate for a new generation to reproduce within in the shortest amount of time of spore dormancy in between new generations of fruit. If anyone would be interested, I would like to grow a strain of potentially semi potent mushrooms back to back for several years in a row, giving no time in between reinacluating the spores and keeping the spores circulating new generations in the least time apart. Please email at isodecryptor@gmail.com if interested in such a test for new potency levels and research behind such a concept. Afterall, this was less then a gram of mushrooms that sent me on my interstellar outer body experience. No bull....  

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