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Not too crazy, no hallucinations. But first drug I've ever used besides marijuana.

Let me just start off with saying that I'm NOT very experienced when it comes to physchedelics, or any other drugs for that matter. The only thing I have ever done besides marijuana was DXM, and my DXM experience is what you're about to read about!

My friend M and I have been trying to get our hands on some shrooms for a while, without any luck finding a cow field we just said "fuck it lets buy some cough syrup." M, being much more experienced than I am said I should just start off with one bottle, so both of us just drank one bottle. A while passed and nothing was happening, it being my first time I was getting kind of worried that it wouldn't work. But M insisted that I just lay back and wait, and so I did.

I noticed I had a slight belly ache, nothing I couldn't handle though. A few minutes later my head started itching like crazy! I was sitting there scratching and scratching for the longest time. M didn't warn me that this would happen, so it was startling to me at first, but M explained to me that it was pefectly normal and I had nothing to worry about. M and I were sitting and laughing and such when she said that we should startt peaking soon. Being the newbie I am I had no idea what this meant. She explained it all to me and I couldn't wait to start peaking. We adventured in to my living room and sat on the couch and were chattering and watching tv. Then it got very quiet, M sat straight up "Bailey, don't you just want to run?" I just looked at her, then she got off the couch and started pacing, I thought something was wrong with her. "M, are you okay man?" SHe insisted that she was fine so I went back to my room and called my friend B. After confusing the hell out of B and laughing to the point I couldn't breathe,I returned to my living room just to see M rolling all over my floor. Then it hit me, I had this sudden desire to spin in circles, so I did, I felt so free!! "Bailey come roll on the floor with me, your carpet feels soooo good!" M said. I couldn't even respond, I was so lost in this continuous circles I was spinning in. It felt so, beautiful. After about 2 minutes I finally managed to spit out "no! Come spin with me!" After a while I ended up on the air mattress on my living room floor looking up at the ceiling. I felt so, peaceful, relaxed, like I could conquer the whole world! "M, can you feel this? It's fucking great! I feel so, chill..." I looked over at M to see her smiling like an idiot, then I looked on my back porch to see my cat staring at us, I couldn't help but to bust out laughing, M turned around and saw my cat and stared at it for a few second. M then crawled on her hands and knees on to my back porch and chased my poor cat around for about 5 minutes,I thought it was the funniest thing in the world at the time.

After M came back inside from chasing my cat, we just sat in the floor and talked about nothing really. M then looked on the desk we were sitting next too and saw stickers made for a wooden car, "Oh my God, Bailey, can I please put this stickers on me?" "Sure, I don't care, aha." M proceeded and put atleast 20 stickers on her arms, legs, and feet.

Then we started watching tv, then M started going on this rant for about 10 minutes how my house is so much fun to trip/get high in. We started to come down kinda rough, I was hungry so I fixed some soup, M said she didn't have an apetite at all but wanted to eat to try and feel better, she tried to eat a few crackers but it made her feel nauseous.(sorry for spelling.)

We then sat down in my hallway and peeled all the stickers off of M, giggling about how stupid we were. We finished off the trip by watching television and drifting off to sleep.

There it is guys! The first time I've used amy other drug besides marijuana. I'm new to this site, so I'm sorry if my report was a little rough around the edges, with this being my first post ever.:o Hope you enjoyed reading it!

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