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1st time, cool stuff

So i have always been curious about mushrooms but never got a chance to try them until last night.

So i have always been curious about mushrooms but never got a chance to try them until last night. I was at a party and my friend showed up at about 1:00 from seeing the Roots in NYC. He already ate an eighth a few hours ealier and wanted to know if I wanted some myself. Well it was already 1:30, but after six black and tans and 4 or 5 bowls of killer KB I was down with anything. I ate about 2/3 of an eighth and about 1/2 hour later stuff got weird.
I started to notice everything get brighter and then it just sounded like I was sitting in a big tunnel. I was digging it alot. Me and my friend both had to piss so we went at the same time and every time we "crossed our beams" the piss would change color. That is when shit started to really hit me. I looked up at my friend and saw that he was made of neon green and purple hexagons. I closed my eyes but I could still see everything around me when I moved my head. We stepped out of the bathroom and our gaze was cought by a guy who was dancing really crazy. He looked a whole lot like swamp thing and the people standing around (I hope they were people) became these weird part tree, part human organisms. We left the party around 3:45 and somehow found our way back to the dorm room. I went to the bathroom and that is when i got trapped by the mirror. I looked totally like a gremlin and when I watched myself move it was like I was creating ripples in theliquid aura all around me. I could see that my aura was being contained by this crazy mosaic net and I wanted to find a way to release it so I left the bathroom after an hour and went back to the room. They were watching Dune so I joined them and I got pretty engrossed. Shit began to calm down and I fell asleep at like 8:00 in the morning. Overall, it was a definite positive experience.

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