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First time 3g cubes

I ate 3g of cubes with my girlfriend, who had 3g herself as well. It was both of our first times. I feel that both of our experiences were very in tune with our personalities. I am a biology major, and I hope to one day understand some of the mysteries of life through this field of study.

We ate them at around 2:30, and after about 20 minutes I had this feeling.. but it felt bottled up and that was causing uneasiness. She felt this way also. 

We vaporized some cannabis to help settle the uneasiness at around 3:00.. I was sitting on the floor next to the vaporizer and she was relaxing on the bed. As I looked at the carpet, I saw and felt the energy of the patterns of energy forming around me... 

I could see and feel energy flowing from everything around me, the floor, the walls, the cabinets, and it felt very majestic. It felt like the energy was embracing me and I was embracing it, and I literally felt like I was being crowned by the energy. I felt like the master of the energy... but also the universe. 

Time was lost completely. I felt surges pulsating in the back of my head, almost like electric impulses...each time they hit I lost control for a brief second. 

I remember watching myself, and thinking that I really wanted to write this all down because I was afraid I would forget. This was what I wrote:

time keeps stopping
world is speaking 
zoning out of body for seconds at a time
back of my mind is unlocking
random conflicts within myself
the trees 
feels like liquid is on me
i forget my hands
not aware
feels like sitting in water
its raining i can feel the wetness
but my clothes arnt wet because i checked
i disturbed the wall and it became 
i feel restricted by my body

It began to storm outside as I was writing, and I felt completely in tune with the storm and with nature in total. I could feel the lightning on each strike, the thunder resonated and I felt the energy..

I felt transcended above this world. I was not just seeing visuals, I was seeing what felt like another dimension that's been there all along. I was far beyond worldly means, while at the same time feeling completely connected to my surroundings. I remember saying, thinking and feeling absolute synergy. 

At one point during this period which seemed infinitely timeless, I went around my apartment.. it was quite cold in the rest of the apartment, and I could sense and see ice along the walls of the bathroom. The bathroom was an igloo.. icy walls but chilly warmth inside. We decided to escape the cold by going outside briefly. We stayed underneath cover and very close to the door the entire time, but  it felt like we were outside for hours. I remember approaching a tree that I had felt connected with previously, and I could feel the energy of the leaves. It felt incredible

The walls of the living room of the apartment were neon with patterns of energy that resonated around and through my body as I walked back inside 

As the storm subsided, I felt a decline in the energy of nature. I felt, and still feel enlightened. I feel that beliefs and ideas of all different subjects that I had previously were affirmed. 

At around 7:00 pm, I was exhausted with what felt like the toll of a journey that I had never felt before. Both mental and physical exhaustion when most of the traveling was within myself. 

I feel like this experience has helped me understand nature, and our universe much more so. I felt transcended, and the intensity still burns within me. I feel like I have gained knowledge and understanding to the point where I created a compromise with the energy.. A piece of it will stay with me forever, and I will be respectful of its power..

Life feels more clear.. transcendence

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