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LSD, really visual and psychedelic experience

300ug of acid, detailed and interesting story

Hi lads. Well, 2 days ago, I've tripped on my last 2 blotters, each containing 150ug, making a whole of 300ug. Before I've only tripped 2 times on 150ug, and while they were pretty nice acidish experiences, I didn't find them life changing, unlike my last trip, which was on 300ug, 2 days ago. So, here it goes. 

I woke up at 9:10 in the morning, didn't have breakfast, and instead meditated for around 30 minutes, getting my soul ready for my yet to come strongest trip on acid. 

At 9:50, I decided that after ingesting the 2 blotters, I'm going out into nature all by myself, with a bottle of mineral water and some lemon-flavored candy(which I love chewing while I'm on acid). Simply enough, I didn't feel excited when ingesting the blotters, unlike on my other two weaker trips. I simply kept them under my tongue for some minutes, then swallowed. 

At 10:00, I set off for my journey, it was really hot outside. My town isn't too big, and in one end of my town, there is a cemetery, and then the town ends. I went that way, since I knew that there are lots of trees and bushes around the fields, which are located about 100 meters after the cemetery. 

I didn't have a watch, but I could somewhat tell, that the time was around 10:35 when I was going on the highway, which is located next to the cemetery. At that time, I was already sweating like hell because of the weather. Finally, after 10 minutes, I arrived to the edge of the fields, gardens and trees. Lots of old farmers lived there. 

When I was going through the high field of grains, I finally started feeling the LSD kicking in. I was going towards a big tree, which seemed promising to give me shadow from the hot sun. Then I suddenly stopped, in the middle of the field, and realized that the hills in the distance somewhat started acting wavish, basically, somewhat waving. I continued to walk faster then, and finally sat down under the big tree. It just felt perfect, sitting there.

It must have been around 11:10 or so, but you know, I couldn't really tell, just my biological clock made me guess that. I moved around the tree a bit, finding a better spot to sit, since I didn't feel like sitting in the first spot for too long. I went to the other side of the tree, and laid. I was laying for like a minute, but then got scared as hell, because I was actually laying in an ant hill, and ants were all around me. When I noticed, I jumped up, screamed, and ran away from the big tree, close to a garden. Anxiety, hm. There were smaller trees there, so I sat down under one. 

There was a friendly looking old lady watering her vegetables, and she said hi, and asked me what I was doing there. I answered slowly, not sure what to say, but I said something like, that I was just walking, searching for a spot to meditate, and the area of her garden seemed pleasing enough. She then laughed, and told me that "Oh, you're a guru". Her voice kind of seemed to echo. Later she went inside her house, and didn't come out again.

So I was just sitting there, in the peaceful nature(now without ants all around me :D ), and I stared off into the pathway that lead to the old lady's garder, which was surrounded by trees. It all kaleidoscoped. The leaves morphed around, spinning, and always moving. Bright purple, red and green colorful dots flew around everywhere, and I just stared, eating my sugary candy and drinking mineral water. 

I decided to lay, and watch the clouds. They were really morphing. All of the images made sense. I've seen lots of stuff forming out of each of them, like a man kissing a woman, a dinosaur, a cute girl, but you know, all this in blueish white, like clouds would do. 

Anything I looked at, would just spin into a kaleidoscope and more of itself would spin out into a kaleidoscope around it as well, and so on. I was out of water, so I decided to go back home, and continue tripping inside my flat. 

Well, apparently, it didn't go exactly as I planned, or at least, took longer than expected. As I was walking back on the highway, I felt like I was floating. Like a wave in the sea. I noticed a cat who got hit, but STILL lived. It was like, crying. I'm a huge fan of cats, and I felt like my heart just dropped. I went closer, into the middle the highway, and guess what, I nearly got hit as well. I didn't notice the car coming from the left, and it could barely manage to stop. The car's front somewhat touched my back, and the driver got out angrily, and asked me what the fuck I was doing. I got really scared at this point, and ran away, back to town, as fast as I could.

I thought for a few seconds that he's going to chase me, but of course, why would he, then it just all seemed rather illogical. I decided to go for a little walk around town before going home, and the sun was still shining very bright. Well, I've been only planning a 30 minute walk, but it became 2 hours. I stopped various times, and looked at the sidewalk, CLEARLY melting to every direction right before my eyes, and forming 2D geometrical shapes. Many people looked at me like "what the hell", and I remember that disturbed me, so I quickly walked away from their sight. All the time, my jaw was twitching.

Then I was starting to feel tired, and went home. All of my clothes were so wet because of the sweat, that I looked like I was swimming with them on. I got naked, and took a REALLY cold shower, and singed Waiting for the Worms by Pink Floyd while showering for like 5 minutes. When I finished, I was shaking. 

I can't remember time correctly, I just couldn't tell time at all, but it could have been around 14:55 at this point or so. I laid down into my bed and put on Atom Heart Mother by Pink Floyd. It was so damn psychedelic, I always enjoy listening to AHM. I felt like I was one with the music, and that they were celoing right on my soul. It was wonderful. I just stared at my wall, watching the red and turquoise-green spots move around. I remember watching my carpet, the trippy patterns on my clothes and my ceiling kaleidoscope all around.  

Then I listened to numerous Syd Barret(ex Pink Floyd member) songs, including Candy and a Currant Bun, which was stuck into my head for the rest of the trip. Well, I basically tripped all around my house for the rest of my trip, examining everything in a weird way. I had awkward conversations with my sister, about life, about the government, and how sad and big our world is, with billions of people, most of them living the same life form from day to day.

I barely ate anything, I just couldn't manage to, and I felt rather energetic, still. I drew a lot of really interesting stuff, like those drawings in ancient Mayan and Aztec cultures thousands of years ago. I have also written poems, about my love, which was spoiled not so long ago, about a frog I saw hunting for insects on the road that day, and about a doggie that really smelled. 

I decided that I'm going to change my style of life, I shall be more friendly to people, forgive my enemies, do more sports and be more creative, all in all. :)

Around 10:30, I was coming off, and at 12:00, I barely had any visuals, and I was really tired, so I finally decided to sleep. Next day I woke up, everything was back to normal.

There's just a lot of stuff that I can't explain, with words, and to be honest, there is also some stuff I only remember blurred, so I could hardly explain and make sense at the same time.

That's it, peace!

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