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First trip, ate about 4 grams of good shrooms

Creating a utopia of BBQ supplies

My friend and i had been contemplating using shrooms for a long time, and today was the day. Me and my friend, who i guess i will refer to as K, bought around 4 grams each of what i was pretty sure were cubensis. we ate them at around 9:30, and had an out of this world experience.

It all started in my room, we were just sitting there talking normally, then K lied down on my bed and started saying the ceiling was moving. This was only the beginning, not long after the blinds of my window began swirling as if the wind was blowing them(the window was closed) We knew it was time to go outside, and really begin our trip. We walked out on my patio, and sat down, trying to understand the come up. in front of us was a basket of extremely old BBQ tools, and K went and pulled out a BBQ cleaning spray. I was trying to understand what he was doing, and this only got harder when he pulled the nozzle out and was convinced that he had freed the nozzle, who he named Eebert. At first, i couldnt stop laughing because i knew he was tripping, but eventually me and Eebert started to get along. While i made friends with a detached nozzle, K found one of my old pots that i had burnt some soup in and had to throw out. I'm not sure why, but he named it Camden and started hitting it against the ground. We decided that Camden smelled bad, and we continued talking to Eebert. Soon after, K was very intrigued by an ancient looking BBQ brush with dust and other crap all over it. He named this cohen, and repeatedly asked me what he was doing. I wanted to tell him that it was a BBQ brush, but at this point i could no longer form words, and when i attempted, they came out incredibly mumbly, and i usually cut myself off midsentence due to confusion of what i was saying.

We then continued our odyssey into my backyard, where we walked around aimlessly talking to the trees. After a while, i noticed K had gone off and was kneeling down on a stump just staring at the ground. After screaming at him for about 30 seconds, he finally turned around, and we went back to be with our new friends.

For some reason, at this point, we separated. I attempted to go play xbox, while he found a paper bag and wrote the stories of our new BBQ friends on the bag. After talking to myself in my room for about 15 minutes, i went back outside, and found K sitting on my patio writing, focused as ever. he showed me his masterpiece, which was just the name of each of our BBQ tools and a description of them. for example, Camden-a pot, best friends with Eebert. i attempted to read his stories for over a half hour, but we got no where. i finally remembered how to read my language, and became engulfed in such a simple tale of BBQ tools. once i finished the story, there was awkward silence for a couple minutes, and then K started telling me to read his story. I had forgotten that i had read it, and i assume he did too, so we read it again and relived the story of a nozzle, a pot, a brick, a brush, and a 5 gallon water jug.

We went inside the house, and went into my room where we played geometry wars. K was playing and was convinced he was doing something amazing, but he came nowhere close to beating any of my scores. At this point, i was experiencing ego death, my mind was completely absent, it was my body and nothing else. i sat in complete silence, basically dead, for about 5 minutes. i snapped out of it, and began trying to text people. this really didnt go too well, and i ended up giving up over and over again, but for some reason i kept trying to send a proper text.

somehow, i managed to lose my phone. i asked K where my phone was, and he had no clue. for some reason this really angered me, and i began furiously looking for my phone. K found my phone in a very simple place, but when he informed me he found it, my reply was "whats a phone?" he started laughing hysterically, and about 10 seconds later i started searching for my phone again. i finally began to comprehend reality again, and we went outside to talk to our dear friends. a brick K found on the floor that he named Mason was on the ground, and i picked it up and started rubbing it against my face. K asked me what i was doing to mason, and all of a sudden i screamed "**** mason!" and i slammed this brick into the ground as hard as i could, and it blew into smitherines. he asked me why i did this, and i replied "whos mason?" i think he gave up at this point, and we went into my backyard again to explore. i collapsed onto the grass, and was fully convinced that i was one with earth.

we again went back into my house, and K snatched my phone out of my hands. this greatly angered me, and i furiously snatched the phone from him, and began screaming into the air. I ran over in a bolt of energy and punched my wall extremely hard, to the point where objects scattered across my house fell from the force. i didnt feel any pain even though im sure it hurt, and i instantly calmed down and went along with my day.

we finally calmed down a little bit, and sat in my living room. in the last 15 minutes or so of our trip, we looked at the living room ceiling, and i asked K "do you see it? i cant put it into words, but do you see it?" he just replied "yeah, i see it". he went onto my computer while i sat in my chair, finally alone.. and i began asking myself questions without answers. this is where i had many epiphanies, and realizations of the way ive always lived my life. these 5 minutes are where i got exactly what i wanted out of the trip, because i will never see people, myself, or the world the same way.

We watched the recordings of our trip on my camcorder for over an hour, and when we were almost completely down, we went to KFC and got wings.

Anti climactic ending, i know, but after we ate the wings, K left. ever since, ive felt like a part of me was missing, but now that ive wrote this report, i think i just had to voice this to other people. I had the memories of such a profound experience built up in my head, and now im finally getting them out. Now all i need is a good night's sleep, and then i will begin living almost a completely different life since i no longer see things the same or value things how i used to.

Overall, it was an amazing experience, and im glad i did it. not gonna lie, it was kind of a mind fuck though. i could barely handle it, and while it was going on i just didnt know what to do with myself, and i had a very hard time adjusting back to reality once it was over. in about 4 hours, me and my best friend lived what felt like a whole other life, one where we were comrades with inanimate BBQ supplies, and not a single **** was given at any time. I cant wait until i can revisit that world, or possibly invent another one, but until then, i will be reflecting on this day, and attempt to fully comprehend it.

Thank you for reading my report, hope you enjoyed it!

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