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my first psychedelic trip

bolivian torch cactus and weed

Im going to start by saying that il make this trip reports better when im completely back to normal but il talk about it for a little bit right now(I am coming down from a cool trip so this may sound incoherent) .
      Ok so I ingested about 5 inches of bolivian torch cactus which was reduced with an alcohol extration. Even though it was boiled down it was the worst tasting thing in the world so that part was annoying. Well  I ate the cactus then went to the beach and about an hour or two later smoked some pretty good weed. I played around the beach and walked around while the weed kicked in. I was mostly high for about 2 more hours and then for some reason like 4 hours after I ate the mescaline it kicked in. I ate it at 1pm , now its 4pm and just walked home and everything starts bending and breathing and it looks like were under water. We were  just listen to music for a while. I was watching a trippy animated thing and then i realized i never hit play for it to start the trippy stuff and realize i was tripping. So the computer screan was the first thing to start bending and changing colors.Then i got up and the room was all liquidy and looked like a cartoon. I reached my peak around 6pm when we were eating diner at a sushi place. I got sushi and everyone there must have known me and my 2 friends were blown. We were babaling about how the whole world looked like it was underwater and sounded like retards. Everything just looked like a weird cartoon that was under water becausue of all the warping. We were talking about how all you do all your life is work so you can get food to fuel you so you can work for some more food and everything in life is a big cycle. (luckily I dont have to work yet since im in school : ) ) Overall i really liked the mescaline and i would say i had a level 3 trip. So after dinner we went back and were going to watch jessi venturas conspiracy theorys, but it was on my friends external hard-drive which was in the garage and we didnt want to get up off the couch so we watched avatar. We have nice PA speakers and a big projector so it was pretty nice. That movie was pretty strange and we smoked more weed and also smoked a cigar and got some burban and beer. I dont know why but that day was feuled by mind alterants. We decide to pause avatar and go light the tree we cut down the prior day on fire. We were getting payed to cut down a tree and get rid of it so we light it on fire to get rid of it. We light the fire but it got big so we put it out and both neighbors asked what was going on and we really did have it under controll they were just wandering why there was so much smoke. 
     Ok so the fire didnt turn out well so we resumed avatar and watched it while tripping out. At 10 when i was coming down from the peak but still tripping my dad came to pick me up from my friends house. It was weird tripping around my dad and he didnt even notice. We drove home and everything went well, my parents talked to me about normal stuff and no one could tell i was tripping. I took a shower got out and and now typing this at 11:50 something pm and my mom just came in and told me to wake up at 8 for something but i forgot my phone so she was wondeign how i left my phone at my friends house along with my clothes. ( I wore my friends clothes because i sat on a chocolate bar and got chocolate all over my shirt and shorts.). 
     so il make this better tomorrow when im not high/coming down from tripping. Normally im really good at english just not now so goodnight.

I would have made this longer but mentally it was very mild so i think making it longer wouldn't convey much more, mentally the part that stood out was just being scattered but it really wasn't a whole lot different than being really high and this is most likely due to the fact that i only had 5 inches. Visually the first thing that i noticed was all the colors on everything would be constantly changing really fast and they were brighter and more saturated. Then things looked like they were liquidy. It looked similar to a reflection in a pool when the water isn't still and things just stretch and shrink and are not a solid shape. It also elevated my mood significantly. The only other thing that stood out was that i ate my sushi really slow because at the time swallowing wasn't as natural as it normally is. I put this in level 3 because the visuals matched up but mentally it probably wasn't. 

Also for anyone thinking of making the alcohol extract tar, you should really think of how your going to get it out of the pan ahead of time because i tried to use a razor blade and it only got about half out. To get the rest i scraped it up using sour patch kids and it didnt taste horrible but it was inconvenient. Also my 2 friends who just ate the cactus the prior night both made themselves throw up because of the nausea and stomach discomfort and my extract only had a tiny bit of discomfort and the taste made you gag but the discomfort was only for 15 minutes so overall i would just say it tasted bad and caused almost no discomfort. 

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