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My first shroom trip in a forest - July 2011.

level 3? level 4? off one 8th.

Alright this is going to be kind of long, I think. it's been one year since my first trip, but I can remember it clearly still, but will probably miss some details. I'm going to write about it.

First off, I started smoking weed in February 2011, and never tried any other drug before I shroomed. I shroomed in July 2011 not knowing really what to expect. It was a lot more intense than I planned. A friend of mine since 2006 started growing mushrooms for a couple of years. He just does it for money and has only shroomed twice because he doesn't really like them. His motto is "never get high on your own supply" haha. I knew a lot of people from school that bought from him and tried them, so I thought it wasn't anything serious. I was curious about them, and haven't read anything about them, and had no idea what to expect. the only thing I knew was that you could have bad trips, but if you are in a good environment, weren't stressed, nervous, etc. you would be fine. I wasn't really nervous since so many people I knew have tried them. 

Me and my friend bought an 8th each. he wasn't a really close friend, but I've known him since the 5th grade (I'm 19) but was just a school friend basically, and don't REALLY know him. I smoked weed with him about 10 times before I shroomed (I'm 19 now). I wanted to eat them in a forest. We got a baby sitter that I did not know very well, but I've hung out with him a few times.
I'll refer to my friend as "my friend" and the baby sitter as "the baby sitter". hahaha. my friend is pretty...large, and I'm super skinny with high metabolism. The shrooms effected me a lot more. 

The forest we were in was kind of near my house, and it's downhill with trails. When we were about half way down the forest (10 minute walk) we sat down and ate the mushrooms in fruit roll-ups so we wouldn't taste them. We were there for, I don't know, 20 minutes? and didn't feel anything. We all three started smoking weed. Eventually me and my friend started laughing uncontrollably (more than you would on weed) so we knew it was hitting us. I was looking at the trees, moving my head back and forth, and the light coming through each branch/crack in the leaves  seemed so detailed and bright. I said to my friend and the babysitter-"look at the trees! they look so cool". the baby sitter was just like "you're tripping hahaha". That was the first time I started hallucinating. We were sitting there for a little, and all the sudden some guy walks past us with a big black dog on a leash. my friend and the baby sitter seemed fine, but I was pretty freaked out by the dog (If I was sober I would have been 100% okay). When the dog was walking right in front of me, I was like "can someone get this dog away...please" I kind of felt like I was starting to go in a bad trip, my mood/high totally went down. but when they passed I was happy again. 

We decided to go explore the forest. we started walking down farther down through the forest. I remember looking at this stump with moss, and I was looking at the moss on it, and it was moving like little green worms squiggling around. I was like "look at this!" and my friend saw it too. we started walking and eventually we got to the bottom (about 5/10 minute walk from where we ate the shrooms). we sat down for a while and I was just staring at everything, amazed how the cracks in the stumps were moving and everything just looked so fucking real. we were there for a little while, maybe 30 minutes or so. I was tripping pretty good, but not close to my peak. The baby sitter was playing an acoustic guitar. It was the saddest sounding instrument. me and my friend where like "stop playing it, you're killing our high". cause it really was, it just sounded so depressing, we got in the worst mood ever. the baby sitter kind of got offended /angry at us (which made it worse) but stopped playing. My friend was saying how depressed he was feeling. my mood was SO so so so down. I can't even describe. all the colors seemed to get dull in the forest instead of bright like they were when I was happy.  I remember thinking about emotions and how there are so many different ones we can feel, and the shrooms just amplify them. I've never thought like that before. I remember thinking -"I need to listen to happy music". so I put in my headphones and listened to MGMT. was seriously a miracle. as soon as I was listening to it, the whole forest got bright again (I'm not exaggerating when I say that) , and I was back to my high. My friend was still feeling kind of down, and we decided to leave. while we were walking up, it felt like we were at the bottom of a huge hill in a forest (which was true. hahahaha. but it felt like we HAD. to get out. we started running up to get out of the forest. while we were running, I remember seeing the top of the forest. the entrance was sunny and bright and the place we were in was dark, it felt like hell. we were running up trying to get to the light. I started to peak at this point. it felt exactly like one of those dreams where you are running from something. but are being slowed down. We had to climb a steep hill and had to use our hands. I was watching my friend next to me while trying to climb. This is the part that I don't ever even say to anyone because I don't think anyone could believe me (I wouldn't believe someone if they told me this), especially because these are just mushrooms. but while I was watching my friend climb, he was kind of morphing shapes, and he started turning into a bear. It sounds funny when I say that, but it was so crazy. he is a big person and the way he was climbing must have done something to  my brain and I started seeing him as a bear. it only was like that for about 10 seconds. it wasn't like seeing an actual bear next to me, but the back of his head and arms were just like a bear. but it was so crazy it is hard for me to believe myself. I've never even told my friend about it. I forgot to write about one thing- the whole forest was literally alive. all the branches were moving, and it was seriously a magical place.

When we got out, it felt like we just escaped hell. I was tripping so hard. both of my friend's faces were morphing. the baby sitter went back in the forest because he forgot the weed. and we were sitting outside of it. I was peaking, I don't really know about my friend. my friend was like "I'm going to go find him". I was like "No! we can't go back in there!" but he went anyway. I was left by myself on my peak. outside a forest in a grassy meadow. I just sat down and started eating an apple that I brought. It was amazing for a second, until I started imagining that I was eating bugs or something, and it started freaking me out. that was pretty weird. I remember looking at a leaf and there were bugs on it, and the detail was just so amazing.

I saw 2 people walking and I got paranoid so I hid about 10 feet into the forest. I am by myself, scared of getting caught, on my peak. eventually they leave. my friends still weren't back and it has been a while. I sat down in the forest and I started going CRAZY in my head. I would think about everything about my life. I forgot what reality was like, I thought nothing would ever go back to normal. I would start thinking about the most random things ever. I starting thinking about phones and technology, they made no sense to me.  I started listening to music again, and I could literally see the waves of music in my head. I don't know how to describe that. I was starting at a stump, it was morphing shapes, it turned into the shape of a frog. it wasn't moving, it was just a small stump in the shape of a frog. Time did not exist. I would stare at the clock and it would go by slowly, other times SUPER fast. I started thinking about my family and how weird it was that my parents were the ones who created me. and I'm just this human walking around on a planet. I started thinking about people and how each person has their own personalities. I thought about how each person is so unique. I remember thinking about how crazy it was that $20 just literally took me to a different planet. I called my friend who sold me the mushrooms and I was like "when will this end?" (after the trip he told me I asked him that like 15 times even though he kept answering me. and I kept saying how I never will do them again). eventually my brain would go a little back to normal, (started going back into reality.) but then it would snap back into my peak. I eventually left the forest and was walking along a sidewalk, people's faces were still morphing and I was hearing voices, like gibberish. when things started getting normal, I called my friends and met up with them. I was kind of speechless because I was so shocked/amazed of my experience. and it turns out they left the forest while I was hiding from those people that I saw. haha. I wasn't mad at them for leaving me, and I'm glad they did. I didn't have a bad trip, but I just went crazy in my head, not sure if you would consider that bad or good. I learned a lot about myself and I'm glad that it happened.

I've shroomed 6 times since then. none of them were nearly as insane as that trip was. Must have been way better shrooms or something. 
some more details I forgot:
I didn't eat anything before I ate the shrooms. I ate the shrooms around 11am. it was a hot, summer day. I drank a lot of orange juice because I heard it enhances your trip.

I'm really glad I just typed this, it totally reminded me of what shrooms are. there's definitely details that I didn't include but it's long enough. I'm thinking about trying LSD soon.

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