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Amazing night under the stars, oil painted moon

a really intresting night!

Me and My friends A and T  decided to buy 2 eights of shrooms so we bought them and got them around 6 pm (this was during winter) so it was dark and we ate a pretty good amount between the 3 of us. We happened to be at a skate park and we were riding and 15 minutes or so I was skating and I felt really light and like I was gliding and I'm thinking the shrooms are starting to kick in and I see the lights look nice so I tell my friends we should go to the high school and climb on the roof and watch the stars they agreed and we left ( a fourth friend named E was with us but he was just smoking marijuana only me, T and A shroomed it) 

 7:00 pm
as we're walking we start looking at buildings and how weird they are haha we aprach the school and as were walking the building looks like its mixing with the ground as if it was getting pulled and I tell my friends they look at it and start laughing 

7:15 pm
 we reach a tree and lay under it and I notice how great everything felt the tree looked really detailed and felt alive as it was staring down on me I felt at peace with it and smiled as it waved back and forth after we climb onto the roof of the high school and start running and My friend T and A wanted to stay but I told them no lets go itll be worth it so we keep running and I feel like I was running slow and everything around me was moving fast and my surroundings looked blurred then we stop and climb onto another building and lay down 

7:40 pm
I remember laying down listening to music watching the stars swirl and the sky breath it was a beautiful sight as everything fell into place I saw the moon and it looked like it was painted in oil and had circles around it I smiled and started to hear sounds like echos of people talking and my friend A kept saying he heard people I said holy shit me too! so we looked turns out it was nothing then we said hey let's go because me, T and A did not have jackets as it was really cold and E was the only one with a jacket so we got off the roof and walked thru the school 

8:20 pm
After walking thru the school everything felt new to me and different like the place had a special energy and buildings flowed then we left the high school and headed to a nearby mccdonalds we get there and are really happy it's warm our friend E buys burgers me, T and A just keep laughing and realize how bright and colorful mccdonalds was I looked at the walls and saw swirling patterns and laughed so much the workers noticed and thought we were faded (If only they knew haha!) 
9:00 pm
we all decided to call it a night since it was really cold E left so me T, and A walked home together (I lived 2 miles away so bused it before getting to T, and A house they live nearby) as were walking we share thoughts ideas and laugh and say what a great day it was my bus showed up I said bye to T, and A and got on the bus it was weird the bus looked curved and toy like I was listening to MGMT, electric feel and kept thinking about my life and how great I felt and life just felt so right pretty trippy great night! (tripped about 2 more hours then fell asleep) 

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