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7 grams and not a single clue


A few weeks ago, a buddy of mine texted me telling me that had just bought the best shrooms that he had ever had, and tried in on convincing me to try them because that past few times i had tried mushrooms in 8th and 2 gram doses and was very disappointed by the effects. At the end of the trips i felt jipped of money and wasted angst of waiting for the big wave to hit but alas, it never came. So i asked my buddy "how many grams of that shit for me to just trip balls?" and he replied with an adamant Quad of mushrooms. I had a lot of experience with various psychedelics in large doses so i figured what the hell i'll get them for tomorrow. 
So i came back to my friends house with my little mushy friends and threw them in the fridge and began researching on how to store them. After about 10 minutes i decided keeping the mushrooms fresh for later in the week was too much of a pain in the ass and i was afraid theyd go bad and then all that money wasted.... So i did the stupidest thing and devoured the bag then and there munching on the bag like popcorn :D
I was playing mortal kombat with a friend when i started feeling REEAAAAALLLLYYYY stoned, no visuals but it was an almost drunk feeling walking around.
My girlfriend came to the house to take me to the mountains about an hour or so into the trip feeling some very nice effects. On ever turn on the road i felt as if we would crash from driving too fast (we were actually going below the speed limit because the illusion of the road i was seeing made me jump every once in a while). We picked up some McD's and road off into the mountains. It was about midnight as we were going up, and i was having a blast!!!! The road began to wind around left and right like a roller coaster and the silouette of the mountain moved and grew and morphed. We reached the top of a lookout point, viewing the major cities. The lights would explode like fireworks and the grass would wave and i kept hearing this "WEEEEIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEWIWIWIWIWEEWEWEWWWEEEEEEEE" in my ears as the grass danced with the sound back and forth. I was trying to keep the balance the best i could but i had never experienced such and intense trip before and told my girlfriend how much i had taken. At this point i noticed that it was extremely difficult to move my body and my hands felt completely swollen and my body ached and churned in my stomach like i was very sick. 
And then i started to lose control of my visuals and feelings. My girlfriend had a scared reaction when i told her i had a quad to myself, and her reaction scared me and panic began to fester as i tried to remember how many grams in a quad. I also like to smoke a lot of weed so the first number for a quad that popped into my head was 28grams (an ounce of weed) for whatever reason and I FREAKED SHIT.
I felt as if half of my bodily fluids (blood,saliva,sweat, pee,water, stomach acid) was instantly drained from my body and the trip began to intensify more still. I could see small organisms crawling over my face, and the mountains would light up like a light is reflecting off their glossy surface. The night sky exploded with color and rainbows and insanity it was too much to look at so i stared at my lap and quietly said to my girlfriend "magi... I'm starting to freak out a little" as softly as i could. "can you take me down the mountain please?" confused but new the hell of a bad trip she said okay and began to slowly drive down the path. but even 10mph seemed like 100 flying down the mountain at speeds i coudnt fathom, the world growing bigger around me and flashing by. I became overwhelmed with fear and asked her to stop the car almost screaming and begging because of the intensity i felt my body and mind couldnt handle it and i would get like a brain hemorage or something. I had to pee really bad so we stopped by some rocks and i stepped out of the car... When my shoes hit the sand i looked down and what was in front of me expanded into infinity as i pissed i watched the mountains turn into an entire beach, with water slowly washing up into my piss puddle. I went back into the car scared and shaky barely able to move. Absolutely sure if i overexerted myself i would pass out and die, or if i let myself flow away i would never come back. I struggled to keep what sanity and reality that was left in my sight. We drove down the mountain at light speed with me wearing a pink jacket over my eyes to stop me  from seeing everything around me. 

When we reached civilization i had "come to terms with my fate" i realized only three hours had passed and i was still tripping fucking face. We decided to drive back to my friends house were i was staying and on the road where my mind began to split itself. 

The awesome part...

My chin would send out pulse signal waves down my body, down through the car, and down through the road and into the planet. It was a form of communication between me and the mushroom "entity" i was speaking with (mothernature, trip goddess, some shit) We talked with each other this way telepathically. The trees around me sent transparant lines that connected with my temple and sent me emotion and feelings and messages and rainbows would touch my skull and i would flash into a city. A MASSIVE city, and i could feel every single organism big or small wheverever it was in the citty. i could FEEL the city as it thrived and lived. I would flash back to the car and maybe i would flash to the desert. unable to cope with reality and longer. When we finally made it into my friends neighborhood we parked the car and i watched the neighborhood tear itself apart while "soldier song" by system of a down was playing over and over in my head with a "wahhhhhh" effect to the song.


the world wouldnt stop moving. 
raibows flowing.
trees morphing.
grass growing.
the sky exploding.
I see the fabric of life.
The formula of life.
Laws and equations ran through my head and on the wall like matrix coding.
Math equations.
The map of the universe.
The entire plan.
Folded neatly like newspaper in my head. 
I understand.

When i came down enough to gain sanity i was dead tired but unable to sleep, my body was sore all over and my hands were shaky and numb.
I pluncked down on the couch and had a bong toke. then promptly fell asleep.
The entire trip i urgently wanted it all to end, for it to be normal, I felt like i was punished by the mushrooms goddess for so foolishly underestimating dosage and preperation.
WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO cant wait to do it again xD

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