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NDE/Mushroom/LSD Flashback

One of the most bizarre experiences of my life

First off id like to make it clear im not sure what happened although it felt like a NDE (Near Death Experience) it may have been a flashback from Mushrooms or LSD.

So it was a sunny day and i went off to visit a friend (M) who had recently attempted suicide because im a caring person and i wanted to see she was okay. (she was and still is)

I got there after a 10 minute train journey and met up with her and another friend of mine, we walked across the aria of the city towards her friends house to pick up some weed..
Once we got there we decided to stay and smoke it, i think i smoked a king of Lemon Kush. The atmosphere was relaxed although my friend M was feeling abit upset due to the recent
issues in her life but i gave her a hug and we got baked. 

Soon after sparking up i felt an off tingling sensation in my head, not my face, the whole of my head and i couldnt finish the joint, i felt abit uneasy and my heart rate started to pick up. 
I asked where the toilet was and stumbled out of his room, i found the toilet, closed the door and sat on the loo. Every thing was spinning, i was sweating alot and i was having the most 
incredible closed eye visuals. Up to this point i knew it was a flash back and thought nothing bad of it. 

However, still sat on the toilet, i rested my head on the bath and closed my eyes, i felt an odd feeling inside of me, it was warm, but it wasnt a good feeling, almost a feeling of speration. 
This is when i started to doubt what was going on, my friends came in because i had been a while but i asked them to leave. "Nah its fine, ill be okay in abit" i said.
As they left the room i felt a gentle tug on the back of my shirt, it felt as if someone were actually there  pulling me but i knew for a fact there was no one there, at first i resisted it but it was very hard
and took alot of effort, so after around 5 minutes of this tugging feeling i gave in out of pure curiosity and lack of energy, i felt my self being pulled out of my body and i had a birds eye view of my sat there 
with my head on the bath i felt relaxed and at ease but i soon thought of what may be happening and i said in my head, "Fuck this" and actually pulled my self in, i sat up, still seeing visuals but i was alot more relaxed.
From there on i was fine, we went out sat on a playing feild for a while then i walked back to the train station.

Great fun.. 

Any questions, please do ask. :) 


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