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1st time, best time of my life

about a week ago my friend told me he had picked up a couple Zs of shrooms and asked me if i wanted any.

about a week ago my friend told me he had picked up a couple Zs of shrooms and asked me if i wanted any. Id heard a lot about shrooms and from what people had told me they seemed like the best drug to take, especially for me since im a fairly intelectual and open person. That friday i bought an eighth off of him and called some friends to see what they were doing. I wouldve liked to take them with other people but none of my friends were interested in taking it that night and they told me to just go to this party and take them there. I got there with 3 girls and emptied the bag onto a paper plate. Im not sure what species they were, they looked like badly rolled joints with crap on the end of them and they tasted like ass. Taking my man Xzibits advice i chased them with vitamin C pills and orange juice and the taste wasnt really a problem. About 15 minutes later i was talking to my friends and i felt like i had taken E or some aderall as i was jumping around and talking excitedly. A few more minutes went by and my friend asked if i was feeling anything. At first i said no, then i looked at a lamp across the room. The lamp seemed to be moving up and down with the music, then swaying back and forth. Apparently my friend was still talking but i couldnt really hear him. I just stared at the lamp and watched it sway back and forth and jump up and down. I started giggling like an idiot and my friend could tell i was really feeling something. As time went on i was experiencing more and more visuals as walls started to breath in and out, my hands looked and felt like they were melting and i couldnt recognize people's faces. I stumbled around from room to room talking to people and stopping to stare at inanimate objects that i found to be incredible. I spent a lot of time outside and that was an experience in itself. At one point i was running around his yard in the snow going down this slide that he had when he comes running out telling me that im standing on top of his pool which is frozen. I started freaking out thinking that the ice was going to crack and i ran inside and i was fine. Eventually it got late, and everybody left. I had been tripping for about 3 hours and still tripping well, but i didnt want anyone to leave. I took my cell phone out and tried calling for a ride home but the numbers kept moving and i couldnt tell if my phone was upside down or not. Finally i connected with my boss, Mick. Mick is a friend of my family from Ireland who does carpentry work. Basically all we do is smoke weed and build tables and chairs and i get paid $10 an hour. He said he could pick me up in about half an hour so in the meantime i sat on the sink in the bathroom and stared at the mirror. My face looked oddly familiar compared to other people's faces which is when i came to the realization that i know myself better than i do anyone else and that i should spend more time getting to know other people. Mick came and picked me up and we went to the woodshop where we work. I had some broken pieces of the shrooms in the bag still so we chopped them up and threw them in a bag of weed and started smoking. By this time the visuals had for the most part worn off but they began to come back. I closed my eyes and found that i could still see everything i could with my eyes open. I put my hand on my forhead and could feel it melting into my face and becoming fused together. We smoked about 7 or 8 spliffs and he then drove me home. After spending a few minutes on the computer listening to music and watching "tripex," a visual generator, i went to sleep at about 5 in the morning. I only slept for about 3 hours since i had to bed at work at 9 the next day but i still felt fine, just very tired. When i got home around 4 i smoked a joint and went to bed and slept for about 17 hours, after which i felt very refreshed, and very different than i did a few days ago. Overall i had a very positive experience with the shrooms and i hope to do them again hopefully with other people who are tripping too, some time in the future.

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