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broken back & fractured neck

I raced amature motocross until my accident

hi everyone,awesum site! i wanted to share my experience with people i KNEW would understand!

I wanna tell you what my shrooms have done for me.I hav'nt tripped in 20 years.

I broke my back,fractured my neck,broke four ribs,seperated my shoulder and knocked my two front teeth on a 45 degree angle.i was  in a motocross crash 10 weeks ago spent a week in the hospital after spinal surgery. .i could  have died...or be in a weel chair or blind.well thats what everyone says.me included.so,long story short here....i was laid up in bed for 2 weeks before i could even walk.complete agony.lots of time to think...

alright lets get to the shrooms.....always wanted to grow shrooms.loved em when i was younger...im 41 now and its been 20+ years since ive tripped.i was certainly due.anyway,knew i couldnt get any so my only resource was to grow my own! ive grown weed for a few years,shit but not in a long time as well.always had a green thumb and loved science so game on.

I owe every bit of information i gathered to this site.i followed pf tek...im pumping out lots of shrooms.very cool.wait....not cool....fucking awesome!!! ok im a newbie grower and i was impatient...like all of us.I birthed 2 cakes as soon as they were colonized.couldnt wait...i had a ton of jars on deck and 5 bags of rye grain almost ready.omg! i had no idea what i was doing and knocked up a ton of jars,36 total.12 are pints.im gonna have quite a bit here:)figured id give one a (test run) to see whats up.anyway,i did well.cake #1 gave me 40 grams wet.i set those aside and gave the other one another day...until my trip was ready on friday night.

so i eat the 40 wet from the day before...which dried alot.i had the house to myself all day and night.ive tripped before and being alone doesnt bother me at all.i was more than ready.i took em at 4pm.....5pm...nothing! ate another 10 &1/2 wet....all pins.ive done shrooms before and thought i was beat! i couldnt believe it.all that work...all that waiting.could i have gotten bogus spores?my mind was racing so i decided to smoke a joint....my weed was ready...grew some indoors this year. and i was pleased with that at least..well my gf gets the credit with that cause she did most everything...i just told her what to do with the plants.blah,blah,blah...sorry rambling here....started smoking the joint and had a beer and was so mad i was gonna write a bad or bogus trip report so sat down at the puter and it started..............everything breathing...not really intense but i didnt care as long as they werent beat.figured id double up on the dose next time.it didnt make sense to me that id have to eat 7 or 8 grams dry to equal a decent 1/8 of shrooms.i was cool with that cause like i said before....theres gonna be a shit load:). so anyway...feeling good and decided to take the trash out....it looked sooooo nasty! the shrooms were working pretty good now.i walk out the back door with the trash bag and......BAM....face 2 face with two cops!!! ive got frigging shrooms growing everywhere....grow tent in the basement.you get the idea here lol i was a little paranoid here but ive always been able to keep it togther when it counts.and obviously the time for keeping it togther was now lmfao:).....so i said(hello)and waved...it was all i could manage.they said did you see a guy run through here?I live in a high crime area and its not uncommon to see cops looking in the parking lot...at least once a month.so i said(no...ive been inside)...and turned n went inside and locked the effin door!!! time passes and i forget the close call i had.ok heres where it gets weird.....im chillin listening to music...id forgotten how beautiful music is.so im chillin and someone is knocking on my back door....i said to myself...wtf who is it now?i open the door cause people have been stoppin by since my accident...anyway i open the door and its the fucking guy they were chasing!!! i didnt know this but he said to me...did you see the cops chasing me?i said no.ok so now im trippin pretty nice here and was trying to make sense of this.....i guess he was trying to let me know id better keep my mouth shut here.they sell drugs around corner and i dont need this bull shit.im 6ft 2 in.185 lbs all muscle,tattooed and generally someone you dont fuck with but im in a neck brace and back brace!...a child could take candy from me!....this is all i need right now i said and he turns n walks away!!! this dude was really shady.funny when your shrooming you can see right into peoples soul.i didnt like what i saw in his eyes.i have guns in the house and wasnt gonna let anything spoil my long over due trip....i hate paranoia and refused to let it run my trip.i felt safe.well at least like i wasnt completly helpless.i didnt wanna call the cops cause guess what?they would have came n been asking all kinds of questions i was in no condition to answer! lol ill take my chances with the guy who threatened me! now back to trippin i said n about an hour later a really huge thunder and lightning storm started brewing and i wanted front row seats for it:) it was completely amazing! the way the clouds were rolling.....lightning strikes....huge thunder claps.storm was right over head.i sat right on the front porch...waved to the neighbors occasionally,and just had a really nice time.just the right ammount of shrooms that evening.smiled every time i thought about how many im gonna have.so after the storm the clouds cleared and i saw one of the most beautiful sunsets ive ever seen.the clouds were still dark n rolling....lol the shrooms helped with that alot! but where the sun broke through....absolutly breathtaking.these b+ shrooms were very pleasent,nice visuals...great body high and lasted a good 10hrs.every time i thought it was winding down i was proven wrong.fantastic trip.my girl friend came home from work at 12am and we talked about everything n such....she'll be tripping with me on the fourth of july...just in time for a ton of shroomies to be ready.so i fell asleep with her in my arms.feeling just complete love for her and how much fun were gonna have.

its been 3 days since my trip.this is what i really wanted to share about.....the after effects are completely amazing.the next night i was invited on my friends boat to watch the fireworks.it would have been great sober but the couple joints we smoked musta kicked in whatever shrooms were still in my system.anyway the colors have never seemed brighter...even before the fireworks.just a great appreciation for life lately i guess.ive also just started walking to exercise a little and have spent the last few days walking through the park where i grew up.how come ive never noticed how absolutely beautiful this place is.i notice everything! and yes im looking for shrooms growing wild lol ya never know.its a trip to look at trees you saw planted when you were 5 years old.wow theyve grown.it just seems my senses have been hightened and enlightened since my trip friday.i notice everything

the best part seems to be the relief from pain i have felt.when i was feeling the shrooms the high i got was sooooo comfortable to my body.since taking them it has been amazing how much better i feel.by all means ive still got months of healing.the shrooms have brought some comfort to me in a world that has been nothing but pain since my crash.both the shrooms and god i guess.im incredibly grateful to be alive and im gonna enjoy every minute of it.thats a promise to both you and me.im not very religious but im getting there:)

well they have healed my mind for now...lol but this thing with the pain is amazing.it helped and i had no idea.beautiful

oh yeah,almost forgot......i screwed up on the dosage i took.well i didnt screw up.ok maybe lol .these shrooms are drying from 40 wet to 2 dry.idk why so i was a gram or two short of my original guesstimate! im so happy and cant wait to really take a fat dose of these babies that will be ready a few days before july 3rd.....our next adventure.my girl has tripped before.she's a free spirit hippie at heart and were gonna have a blast! im gonna have enough shrooms to last me for awhile.thats for sure! gonna be a kick ass summer after all....i live on the east coast and its been perfect weather wise.....especially for growing shrooms!

i hope you have enjoyed reading my experience and what its done for me.i felt i needed to share with complete strangers who just might know what i was talking about.thank you for reading.

peace friends



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