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The Devil, The Lord, And My Mother

Wait, almost forgot the Walgreen's store!

So I've been using the shroomery as a great source of information, for educational purposes only of course, for the last few weeks and I felt it was about time I gave at least a little back. I decided that a good starting place might be describing my first trip, completely fictional of course but from here on out I think you have that part down. So me and one of my best friends decided we wanted to try something a little different from the usual, and a buddy of mine had some shrooms he was trying to get rid of, so we decided to hop on the opportunity and bought an eighth. Now this is just the beginning of the story, and I may become a little long in my words, but trust me if you wanna hear a good one (or horribly bad one you decide!) read on. 

So next thing you know me and my buddy had smoked a bowl, scrounged up a jar of peanut butter, and just went at 'em. We quickly finished off the eighth and were prepping ourselves for what was to come. I remind you neither of us had tried hallucinogens before this day. So we waited and waited and soon we began to feel it. Of course I didn't think we had eaten enough because it didn't seem to be coming on hard enough, so we decided to walk down the street to a gas station to use the atm and grab another eighter. Now some may call this a red flag, but I really should have realized I didn't quite need more yet when the sidewalk began to grow longer and longer. Nevertheless after seemingly miles of walking (about 400 ft) we returned, purchased another eighter and began to eat. Well I did at least, my buddy was feeling pretty good already, but I kept eating. I figured that hell, these were hard enough to find, might as well go all out. So a grand total of just under 1.5 eighth later this is where you find me.

So I realized where I was at in horror, I was finding myself driving my ridiculous unbelievably loud old 5-speed wrangler I used to have, and comfortably numb was on the radio. (strange coincidence eh?) I remember turning it off because I was already freaking out, and then there I was in the middle of a freakin' Walgreen's pharmacy, and it was busy. On a side note I honestly don't remember doing anything between the jumps. I looked at the lady behind the counter, and she looked back at me with a look that said "I grew up in the 60s, I know what's going on here" and I ran out of the store.

 Well at this time I ended up being forced to make a very tough decision, an incredibly tough decision. I was for sure going to be picked up by the police if I didn't get out of there soon. It was too cold to hide in the woods overnight. I couldn't get ahold of anyone.  I called my parents. In hindsight, probably not the worst thing that could have happened, but it was close. Over 500 hours later, my mom shows up, her "are you ok?" attitude quickly turning into a full out "WTF!HKJHIU" as she realized this had something to do with drugs. (mind you, my parents didn't even know I smoked pot) At this point in the story my mother and then father at home were the least of my worries, I was tripping balls.

Eventually I made it to the couch at my parents house, my mother took station at the other side of the room. She said she wanted to make sure I didn't die or anything, but either way she watched me trip for the next 4 or so hours, but I haven't even gotten to that yet.

The Trip Itself

So after planting on the couch I had no choice but to let it take me away, and away it did. First I didn't see anything, then I was sort of conscious but still seeing nothing, then I saw it. Now enough of the trying to actually describe the feel because its useless trying. Well eventually I became sort of conscious within my mind, or what was left running of it, in a world of darkness. All I could think about was "wait did I drive somewhere?" I was dead. I was sure of it. I remembered driving my car and thought to myself, shit I drove while on shrooms, crashed my car, died, and this is what it's like. It was a world of silence and darkness and I was being punished for being a dumbass.

The next thing I knew this figure appeared. A horrible horrible figure appeared in the darkness. I can't really describe him to you, but it was soon clear that I was speaking to satan himself. At this point I was like, o shit I didn't just die but made it all the way to hell too. You may be thinking that's pretty messed up, why would you tell us this? 

Satan went on to, in great detail, describe the evils that I have committed in my lifetime. He remembered things that I didn't even remember. It was dark. I quickly became very upset with the thought that this was happening to me. They even tortured me in hell, which I later found was actually me jamming my arm in between couch cushions, through several layers of fabric and into the springs of the couch. I was in a bad place.

I cried out as loud as I could in my own head "Please Lord save me!" 
Now I am not very religious, and for those of you who may feel the need to criticize, please keep it to yourselves for you won't be offending me, but this was the best thing I could come up with. But then shit got real... moments after saying those words in my head everything within my dark world became bright and there was a second figure. Soon the first dark figure had disappeared leaving only the bright figure, and with a clap of the hands I woke up. 

I just stopped tripping, it had been about 4 hours since I ate them, but in a sudden flash I went from full loss of my grip on reality to well pretty normal. 

Now at this point in time you may be thinking "why would you even want to remember this?!" and I've got a very good reason for you: I have since tripped several other times (without problems of course) and this was a damn fine trip, like "holy shit" good. It just had a few sour bumps in the road. Can you imagine the emotions that one would feel actually if they were standing before jesus and satan at the same time? I didn't think so, but neither could I, and that's what the mushrooms were for. 

I am a lover of knowledge and a firm believer that any experience whether good or bad, is good in the long run because [most of us] we learn from experiences. Not to mention the fact that, while also terrifying, it was really cool to have almost "biblical" visions while on a drug. And at last, this is where I shall leave you. If you would like to hear more details etc punishments yadda yadda yadda comment on this!!!


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