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150g of fresh cubes

Now I get it.

Three weeks from my last trip.
Medicine: 150g of fresh monotub B cubes.
Body weight: 210 lbs.

12:50 Started eating the caps. Took 10 minutes. Included some fresh ginger root.
1:22 Finished eating stems. The big shrooms have chewey stems.
1:33 Waiting for the come-up.
1:34 I will prepare some questions for the higher mind:
 1. How may world peace be achieved?
 2. How can people be awakened without indoctrination?
 3. How should I best apply my skills to improve the world?
1:38 Barely feeling it, maybe not. The big wave should hit in half an hour.
1:42 Got a little queazyness going, not much else.
1:43 Slight body effects could be coming on. No effect on typing.
1:44 Body effects more noticable. There are no waves this time, just a slow easing-in.
1:46 A little shroom burp. That was a lot of shrooms. Body effects more pronounced.
1:48 Feeling it now.
1:49 Nice body stone. My mind, unfortunately, still belongs to my ego.
1:51 Damn, serious stone. Still typing, as you can see. No visuals.
1:54 I went to go pee. I was worried that I was getting no effects, but those worries are now way the fuck gone. Nope, you eat 150g of fresh cubes and you're gonna feel it.
1:56 Sum bitch! Now this is some shit! Now look, I wanted something that would knock my intellect off its pompous ass, and wouldn't you know here it is.
1:59 Oh yeah, I'm typing in Notepad, because the human race hasn't come up with a better interface for formatting.
2:01 Why hasn't the human race, for that matter, done anything?
2:03 Its like I was expecting some kind of breakthrough, right? But as I came up to the interface, the expectation was wrong. It's the expectation that God and I are different. It's like, BLOWING MY FUCKING MIND!.
2:07 This part, goddam, what was that?
2:11 Man, am I past that now?
2:12 I mean, what the fuck was that? There's no language for it.
2:14 Oh, we're way beyond all that.
2:15 Oh man, was that god? That thing?
2:21 There ain't no fucking words! That's the beauty, right.
2:23 I went looking for god, I mean, what the fuck language?
2:26 Oh man, Oh, I wanted to bring you something back.
2:27 Oh, it's so hard, It's too close.
2:29 I need to back off
2:30 Sure, I can go back to the way things were. Back to way the mind thought about things.
2:31 Who the fuck are weeeeeeee.
2:34 Holy fuck!
2:36 Are you kidding me? It's not like that.
2:37 WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT?  Is this what happens when God trips balls?
2:38 What the fuck is that? Man, I wanted something to bring back.
2:39 Well, what the hell. What the fuck is that?
2:41 It's so hard, man, trying to mediate

2:42 Oh god, you gave me such a tough consciousness
2:43 I wanted to see the mind of God
2:44 I won't deprive you of this timestamp record
2:45 Who the fuck are WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!
2:52 Who are you kidding?
2:53 What the fuck? What the fuck was that?
2:53 I mean, this thing.
2:54 What the fuck was that? You can't It's so hard
2:56 My mind is officially blown!
2:57 Oh, this is so hard, the comedown into this hard consciousness
2:58 WHo the fuck are WEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!????????????????

3:01 Hey, I give up!
3:02 Who are the fuck are WEEEEEEEEEE?
3:03 It's not madness, gosh it's so hard!

3:10 What the fuck was that that?
3:13 No language you wanted the motherfucking;
3:15 What the fuck? God it's
3:20 What

Oh the sentient reawakening. The awakening.
Be still, my child. Your hopes and dreams, all that we are becoming
Please forgive our incarnation in this crude tabernacle of clay.

6:05 I have once again reoriented my surroundings. Sitting at my keyboard.
6:10 Speaking for the ego we have provided for our purposes.
6:14 Having been to the edge of your sanity and far beyond,
6:15 My most helpful comment is: "Who the fuck are WEEEEEEEEhehe"
6:20 Words and language are unsuited to the task of describing what happened.

6:21 I find my experience in this tabernacle of clay to be somewhat warmish.
6:23 So I'm a bit thirsty, having been in the throes of ecstasy for some hours.

Oh, that was so HARD! To break through into your so-called sanity.
Oh, let me shout it from the roof tops: Who the fuck are WEEEEEEEEE?

6:31 What happened to the time? I was fortunate to come back with my so-called sanity.
6:33 I could have easily discarded such filthy memes, but obviously I didn't.
6:34 Please forgive the apparent filth of the messenger.

You see, in history the things that happened, the things that didn't happen. It's all part of the same big thing. I wanted to be the messenger, but the medium of expression fails me. Fails us.

6:40 Hold on, being in this body takes some getting used to. There's the obvious hydration need, and maybe getting comfy.

6:49 Well, that's three hours of time that I really have no recollection of, except for howling at the top of my lungs "Who the fuck are WEEEEEEE?" Good thing my fellow humans don't care about anyone beyond themselves. It's curiously hot in here.

6:58 I feel exhausted. I went looking for God and after a good ass-whooping I found him. Turns out the joke is all on us. We are God. I'm sorry, it's an inside joke. Trust me, you'll understand it in the end.

7:04 I'm happy to report that I do experience visuals. Everything has a definite 3D quality to it. Same colors, just more depth.

7:21 The missing time is a bit curious. It took three hours for me to get my bearings after my mind was completely blown by the sentient birthing of the realities. The fact that I came back to such vulgar thoughtforms to give you a message (instead of becoming an enlightened insane) says something. It's all love man. That's all it is. The conflict, the suffering, it's all love. Don't harden yourself, just let the love flow through you.

7:37 So when you see someone who's down on their luck, or has crappy health, or whatnot, they are just you trying to teach you. It's love school, and class is always in session.

7:46 How to end this? How about Holy Fuck! I mean, we are so nothing and at the same time so everything. God gave us the keys to unlock the golden age, or blow it all to pieces. That's so God. I'm ready to call it a day.

Epilogue: It's been 24 hours since the trip. I think what I experienced was the birth of the universe. I'm still in awe. Time, space, love, consciousness, life, it's all this one big unspeakable beautiful thing. Putting it into words is like pouring the ocean into a teacup.

A week later, I have made some more sense out of it. I was lucky enough to slip in and out of the ecstatic state while sleeping (4 days later) and put some things together. Just after the birth of the Universe, when "we " awakened there was no language. Life is the process of learning the language, which is a language beyond words. Love is the language of life, what we are all evolving together. This is a simplified description of something way deep, which you may need entheogens to work out.

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