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1st time tripper

Wut's up everybody.

Wut's up everybody. My name is John, i'm 16 and love psylocybe mushrooms. Problem is i live in bergen county new jersey, mushroomz are not in abundance in this area and if u do get your hands on some i hope you have a rather fat wallet because they are pricey here. Any way, I am very into the entire natural high scene. Some of my frends make fun of me and call me the hippie for the 90's.

Well, on to the trip. I am reporting my first time trip. Until i stumbled upon this page i had no idea that i was only a level 3 tripper. I am anxious to trip into the 4rth and 5th levels. To start off i must remind u that this was my absolute first expierience with psylocybe mushrooms so i had no idea what i was in for. Not to mention that this "MagiC" mushroom was my first "drug". It started out on a gloomy day, not a good day to trip. Me and my friend were supposed to get some of these mushrooms on that day but like everything else we didn't get them until the next day, people here are so damn lazy. Luckily, the next day was an amazingly nice day. It was just another summer day that i pictured would go by without notice. However, at about 1:00pm my doorbell rang it was my friend. "I got them!" he said with a huge smile that almost turned into a laugh. We went to the local woods, "the stoners spot", and munched those down. If u have never tripped on mushrooms i suggest u check the section i believe it's in trip tips on this page about preparing them to go down easier because they do taste like sh*t!!! The place was nice there were 2 lounge chairs and about an acor of woods. The bestpartof it all was the stream. there was a stream that ran right by where the woods were. I started to tripp verrrrrry gradually until BAM!!! It had felt like i just woke up. I thought to myself, dammit i knew this was too kool to be true it was a dream. But then i reallized, hey i'm in the woods this can't be fake, where am i?
I turned to see what was behind me, for 2 seconds or so my vision did not follow, it remained looking out at the stream. I exlaimed a great big WOAH!!! My friend then started laughing at me as he knew I was trippin'. we spent what seemed like three hours trippin' our asses off. Then my friend said "well we should probably be going now."
I replied "what time is it." He looked at me in amazement as i was soon to follow as he exclaimed "we've only been back here for 7 minutes!!!!!!!!!!" this brought on long chains of laughter. We then decided to go see some of the kids that he was gettin' the shrooms for see what they had thought of it. It was rather hard to get out of theose woods because we ventured for what seemed like an eternity and both stopped and stared at each other in that same half laugh half smile as i told u about before because we were right where we had started. Finally we made it out to the open and started on our way to see this kid that my friend had gotten mushrooms. He was not trippin' but could tell that we were. A half an hour later i found myself in a park near by with a cigarette in my hand. I had no recollection of what we had just been through. We sat there for a little while and than proceded to a different part of the woods. We stayed there for a longer time of our trip. Soon we had to meet with our other friend. we decided that we needed to take a trip to the bathroom first. In reality the bathroom hs 2 hallways. When we went in the bathroom looked like something out of the shining. It had green walls where there were pink before and the hallway took forever to venture down because it kept turning and turning. finally we met up with or friend and sat down for a while. I watched my arms as they showed little yellow dots that got larger and turned orange than pink than red than purple than black as if my pores were opening up. Finally i had to go home almost done but it was a fun day.

For all trippers, especially first timers check this page out because it offers a lot of usefull info. Peace!

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