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Hanging Out With Aliens

The funniest thing I've ever experienced :]

I was drinking vodka mixed into a gallon of fruit juice. I bought the salvia in Berkeley earlier that day, and even though it was extract, it was still green, unlike the Purple Sticky brand, who's extract is black. This brand came in a small plastic tube, however I can't remember the brand name. This stuff was way better than Purple Sticky. So, I was a bit drunk and I loaded the bong. I sat down on the edge of the bed and sparked up the bowl. I cleared the bowl in two rips(salvia burns quick) and before I set the bong down, it hit me. I was quickly fading out of the room. I started leaning over to the left and I was wondering why it took so long for me to lay down. I would later find out that I fell over, but time slowed way down during the trip. I see the gallon of yellow juice, which then morphed into a balloon in front of my very eyes! I saw it as clear as I see this computer right now while I type. The balloon started to float upward, and as it did, the whole room that I was in started turning black like space. Colorful shapes started appearing. Green, red, blue and a bit of yellow. The colors came into form as aliens holding balloons while laughing and pointing down at my existence as I lay upon the floor in unexplainable laughter. I discovered that there was an alien carnival going on when I noticed the ferris-wheel in the background. I wasn't in my friend's room anymore. No sight of the room anywhere. Then, there was a space-ship that showed up. It hovered maybe 80ft above me, and sent it's tractor beam down upon me. That's when the unexplainable laughter turned to unexplainable unexplainable laughter. I began yelling to my friends in the most ridiculous language of laughter that there was a spaceship. My words came out something along the lines of, "EHHAAAAAA THEHHHHHHHHH UUUHHHHHHHHHHHHH SPAAAHHHHHHHSSHH IIPPP." The tractor beam wasn't strong enough to pick me up, and the carnival was fading away. Within moments, I was back in my friend's room. It took me a minute to stop laughing, and when I was able to talk again, I told him what I saw and what I tried telling him. I asked him how long my trip lasted and he said about 30 seconds. To me, it seemed like 3 minutes.
This trip was roughly three or four years ago, and can also be found on salvia-trip.net
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