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1st shroomsperience

Still on 'em

Hey guys, I'm coming down from my first shroom experience and I needed to share it. It was absolutely brilliant. Top notch. I have friends that have done them and they would say "always be with other people" or "do them with someone that has already tried them" but this morning I woke up and said "fuck it, I'm doing them right now!"

So I took them and went online to find something cool to do. I wasn't really feeling much, it had only been like 30 minutes. Then I decided to lay in bed and listen to some tunes. Let's just say... I ended up going on the greatest fucking journey of my entire life. I put my blanket over my head, and started with the very first song on Frank Zappa's album "Joe's Garage" and listened to the entire album (part I, II, and III) oh, and I never listened to much zappa before this either, it was just a feeling (and a good one too). So throughout this entire album I felt like I was in "Joe's Garage" experiencing everything that he was talking about. The music was 100% beautiful and gave me all sorts of different feelings. When I would open my eyes, I could see all of the light shining through my covers, and I would move my hands around to make a sick light show for myself that went with the music. At one point I got out of bed and was just dancing around my house... then before you know it a good three hours had passed and I had finished the entire album and then some (other artists as well). Now I'm coming down from my high, and I just need to say how fantastic it was. I will definitely be trying some more in the future.

ps: I know that it is supposed to be an "outdoor" experience, and I will do that next time, but this was extremely awesome too.

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