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My first Psilocybe subaeruginosa trip and the slenderman!

First good/bad trip! SLENDERMAN!

It was the 6th of june 2012,

It was just a normal day at school, then half way through the day i had to go to tafe, half way through tafe i got bored, and starting talking to the person next to me who happens to be a mushroom
Expert, and goes picking daily. I had a talk to him for a bit about his recent experiences, then i got the balls to ask him if he could bring me some to buy off him next wensday i see him at tafe.He just
said "nah it's ok il give you 10 for free.So throughout the whole week i was thinking if this was a good idea or not? well i stopped worrying and said to myself il start worrying if he actually brings it.
because i had a HIGH change that he was lying.So it was wensday 13th of June 2012. I asked him if he had them, to my surprise he said yes, he gave them to me i looked at them, thinking "holy
fuck this is it, give it back to him or take it" i decided to take it. that night i told my sister, as i get stoned with her alot, and she just said "i should wait until the weekend" because everybody trip
is different, as it can last from 8-16 hours. so i came home from school on thursday, and i was just hanging in my room and my mum knocked on my door, she said that theres no school tommorow
because it's report writing day for teachers.Yep you geussed it, perfect change to do my magic mushrooms, so that night i waited until everybody was in bed, got the kettle boiling, put 1-2 mushies
in the boiling water in the cup for 15 minutes.After that i put 4 MASSIVE spoons of surgar in the water and milk, thinking it would disguise the taste of the mushrooms because i hate mushrooms. i
was wrong it tasted like cat's ass!(no i havn't tasted cats ass). it was about 10 minutes after i finished drinking it, my friend calls saying to meet me outside my house, so i decided to sneak out, it
was about 11PM by now, so i went outside waiting for them for about.. 5 minutes.While i was waiting i was looking at all the virbrant colors of the trees, bushes and the water drops, going down
the leaves of the trees slowing, hitting the ground, it was just so interesting, just how nature can be so beautiful and we don't notice it in our everyday lives, after i while i saw my friends we chatted for 
a bit, i then pulled the bag of my remaining mushrooms and said to them seriously, do you want to try magic mushrooms? they didnt hesatate in seconds they chucked it in there mouth and were
chowing away, my friend C, ended up having 3 my other friend B ended up having 3, i had the remaining one and it all added up to 3 each. we started walking up to the shops, then we found
ourselves brushing ourselves past trees and touching the prickly bushes softly as it felt like we were 1 with nature. we finaly got up to the shops it was 11:58PM now as it was approximately
 58 minutes ago since we ate them.We then decided to walk to a side street were it had a little shelter, and had a big bright yellow bin, with graffiti on it. i was staring at this bin, i shit you not. 20 minutes i could see
this graffti moving, just MOVING on the bin as my friend had music playing, the graffti was fucking MOVING to the beat of the music! i then told my friend to look at the bin and in a couple of 
seconds we were all staring at the dancing graffti. just staring at the amazment of this first OPEN eye hullcination. after a about 45 minutes.C stood up saying were meeting a friend at a park.
we ended up walking to this friend, who lives 500 meters away maybe a bit of exaggeration. but it wasn't far. while we were walking there, it felt like everything was curving into us, for example:
street lights, poles, fences on the front of houses, bushes, trees. it what felt like an eternity walking, it felt like 3 hours when i looked at the time it was only 12:03PM! we have been walking for 3
minutes. we finaly met up with her, went back to the shops, and decided to climb them humongous grocery store it was only 10 metres tall but felt like it was a 30 metre climb. we finaly got 
on top of the roof, had a couple of drinks when my friend noticed the police roaming the streets, yet they didn't see us. so we sneaked off, My friend decided to go first, B was sliding down a jungle vine, which was really a poll connected to the wall, C decides to whip his junk out and piss on him! we were on the roof laughing so hard C passed out for a minute. after B chasing C
for half an hour i looked at the time, it 1:30AM, so i said goodbye to my friends, they said thanks for the shrooms.Now this is when the bad trip started, i was walking down to my house, and to
get there it is down hill. it covered with trees so it looks very scary at night, and without friends by my side i was very terrified, i kept looking back like something or someone was following me, and every time i looked back "it" hide behind the trees, so i was jogging by this time. then i had one clear look at it.It was the slender man. i shit you not, it must of been a hallucination because his not real but in my trip he was. so after a long run i get home. it was about 2AM when i reached my house. i went into my room for a bit. listening to music looking on Facebook. then i needed
the toliet. so i go in, do what i need.But while i was sitting down, my toliet tiles have very werid patterns on it, it trips me out when i'm sober. so i started looking at these tiles. then all a sudden the
room got so much brighter and i started to see the tiles dancing and smiling and waving at me, like the patterns were people made out of the shapes. i was looking at this for atleast 15 minutes.
until i decided to get out and hit the hay. i walk into the kitchen to get to my room and i see my cat on the couch, so i decide for him to come to bed with me, as i was walking past a wooden wall
to get him, the wall.. it looked like it was on fire i only looked at it for a matter of seconds then grabbed my cat and ran to my room. i put my cat down onto my bed when suddenly i notice the
patterns on my cats face and his body are moving, now this was scaring me just the whole atmosphere. from there on i blacked out, next morning i woke up. my first reaction, holy shit. this might
sound crazy i thought but this isn't reality, reality is hiding drugs from us, saying it's bad for us, when you take shrooms it shows you the true colors of the world! mean while reality is hiding it for 
you. sorry if this story is boring but it was my first time please comment and rate thank you so much if you read up to here.

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