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I Found The Lost City of Gold!

High dose of N,N-DMT/MDMA sends me to a dimension the conquistadors could only dream of.

On the night of October 28, 2010 I took the largest hit of dimethyltryptamine I've ever taken in my life. I was also peaking on a large 

dose of MDMA when this trip occurred.  This was by far my most powerful hallucinogenic experience to date. Here is my report:

October 28, 2010. A night to remember. I knew it would be a spectacular evening even before it began. Something inside me kept telling me...

"tonight will be epic!" Sure enough, it was. It all started the day before when a friend of mine named C decided he wanted to try DMT for the first time. At 

that time I could get my hands on a plethora of psychedelics and I already had a gram of N,N-DMT at home. I wanted so many of my friends to 

experience this drug that I didn't even charge them whenever they wanted to try it. It cost me an arm and a leg to get it, but I handed it out like candy 

because I felt that everyone needed to have this experience at least once in their lifetime. I agreed to letting him try it and we made plans to 'blast off' 

the very next night. The following day I felt butterflies in my stomach as I anticipated the night ahead. I spent the entire day working, but my mind was 

not focused at all. All I could think about was how C would react to the DMT and whether my trip would be similar to my previous trips, or completely

different. As the end of the day drew near my excitement increased tenfold. I wanted this experience to be different. I wanted a 'breakthrough'; I wanted

to contact 'the other side'. Little did I know that what was to come would be so incredibly profound.

I arrived at home around 6 p.m. I immediately packed a fat bowl of cannabis into my bong and let 'er rip! I began pacing around my living room.

I couldn't wait for C to arrive! Finally, after waiting for what felt like an eternity, he made it to my place. I opened the door and greeted him with warmth. I 

was so excited that the hour of hours had arrived! My joy tripled when C said, "I come bearing gifts." To my surprise, C had brought over 6 White 

Maserati tabs! I had known since the beginning of that day that this night would be special. Sure enough, it was. We popped 3 tabs each and started 

toking immediately. We decided that we would hit the DMT when we were at the peak of our roll. By the 2-hour mark, C and I were rolling very hard and 

almost tripping after smoking numerous bowls of high grade cannabis. We decided that this would be a good time to whip out the DMT. 

C insisted that I go first so that he could see how I reacted before he tried it. I didn't mind; I had been waiting ALL DAY to do this! I carefully 

started dumping the DMT into our designated bowl. (*Author's note: we used a bong that had cannabis ashes in it so that no DMT would be lost

through the down stem) I made sure to dump plenty of DMT into the bowl because I wanted this to be a powerful experience. I ended up filling the 

moderately sized bowl about halfway, which was more than enough. I sat back on the couch and took a deep breath. My nerves were running wild.

I started to shake a little bit. 

 "You okay?" asked C.

"Yeah I'm fine; I'm just a little nervous. This is going to be a big hit."

I took another deep breath, then went for it. I made sure to do everything right. I held the lighter about a 1/2 inch away from the bowl so that I

wouldn't burn the DMT. I smoked up the entire contents of the bowl, but not with ease. My lungs were filled to their maximum capacity. In fact, my 

lungs were so full that they couldn't hold all of the smoke, so some of the smoke was in my throat and mouth. It took everything I had to hold all the

smoke in. Within 20 seconds I was coughing my lungs out, but at that point it didn't matter. The circus had begun. A giant kaleidoscope cat jumped

into my field of vision and started making faces at me. He was silly and menacing at the same time. I was overwhelmed at his presence. His body 

was made up of vibrant, rotating colors that left me hypnotized. As I stared deeper into his solar plexus, I began to see the bigger picture. I was sitting

in the grandstands of an extravagant circus. I watched as elephants, clowns, acrobats and tight rope walkers all put on their best performance for me.
There was a ringleader in the middle of the madness. He was whipping everyone with a very long whip, as if to add some order to the chaos. This 

was all taking place in a very colorful circus tent. At the top of the tent, right in the center, there was a hole with a beam of light shining through it. I 

glazed at the hole for a moment and noticed it getting larger and larger. Before I knew it, the light coming from the hole had encompassed my entire

field of vision and nearly blinded me. At this point the light took over everything. Time did not exist, my body did not exist, nothing existed except for the 

light. I genuinely thought I had died. "Well, damn. You really did yourself in this time. Death by overdose? Come on, you're better than that man," I 

thought to myself. Suddenly, I was welcomed with the most beautiful sight ever, an ancient city of gold! Roads, buildings and even plant life were  

all made of solid gold! I couldn't believe it; it was simply magnificent. I turned to my left and saw a huge temple in the center of the city. It was made 

of golden tile and each piece of tile had some sort of design/inscription on it. The tiles lit up one by one with the colors red, green and blue. I was in 

complete awe of the temple's architecture and vibrancy. But, something about it paralyzed me with fright. It was the aliens who were inhabiting it. I 

witnessed these aliens crawling on all fours on the outside of the temple walls. They were light blue in color and had reptilian-like skin. They had feet like 

frogs, tails that came out of their heads and eyes that glowed orange like the sun. I watched as they frantically crawled around the outsides of the temple. 

One of them stopped, looked up and stared directly into my soul. I was frozen in fear. These beings were so incredibly powerful and I knew that I didn't 

stand a chance against them. All of a sudden, the alien telepathically spoke to me saying, "Do not be afraid, we are on your side and we are here to protect 

you." An utter amount of relief fell upon me! Now, I knew I was safe. "If these guys are on my side, then nothing in the universe can harm me!" I thought. I 

wanted to learn more about these spectacular creatures and I felt like they wanted to show me more of themselves and the universe as well. At that 

moment, I was okay with death. I had finally overcome all the fear of it and now I could live in peace and harmony! The cosmos was my playground and the 

aliens were my companions! As soon as this realization began to set in, so did reality. The city of gold began falling away, dissolving from my field of 

vision, and my living room started to come into focus. As reality set back in my first thought was, "Wow, that was all just a trip?" I couldn't believe it; I 

genuinely thought I had died. There were two main reasons why I felt this way. The first  was, I felt like I was completely detached from my body during the 

whole experience. Secondly, this trip was different than other trips in the sense that, the visions were not a distorted version of reality, but rather a 

completely SEPARATE reality. I was in what felt like a completely new dimension that was completely separate from the dimensions I had become so 

familiar with here on Earth. 

I looked over at C. His jaw was wide open and he was staring directly at me. "I've never seen anyone trip that hard," he said. He then 

proceeded to tell me that I had arched my back and flailed about, while staring at the ceiling and hyperventilating. I laughed and then started telling

him exactly what I saw, all while feeling very renewed and fearless about life. He was astonished to hear about my adventures in the DMT realm. I 

realized that everything that was shown to me was for a very deep and personal purpose that I won't share here, but it was basically exactly what I needed 

to see. Now, it was C's turn to 'blast off' and I made sure to load a hefty amount in the bowl for him. It was now his time to travel to that otherworldly 

dimension that we all so long to visit. Maybe, just maybe, we will one day be there for real.

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