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The Weird Gets Weirder

Weirdest experience of my life.

This is the full list of events leading to the weirdest and wackiest event of my life. 

Last Friday, me and two friends (lets call them C and P) decided we wanted to pick up some mushrooms for the last day of highschool and just have a good time. We got let out of school fairly early, close to noon. We called our dealer and picked up a small pack of 12g. At that point, it was close to 4:30pm. We planned our night out, agreeing to eat separately at each's own house, and later regroup at C's house to take the shrooms, and then walk to the beach from there. We regrouped close to 7, and we took the shrooms at 7:30. I had 4g, C had 2.5 and P had 2. His house is fairly close to the beach, and it's not more than 2 miles away. We got about half way there, and it majorly started to kick in. It was now only 7:45, only 15 minutes after we had taken them and I could already feel the onset. C made a remark about the fact that we might not make it to the beach and that it would be a pain to walk all the way back while tripping. So we turned around to return to C's house at 7:50, and at that point, I was feeling the effects of the shrooms.

The walk back was a trip by itself. We walked what seemed like an hour, yet it only took 15 minutes. I started to laugh and could not control myself, and when I could, it was very hard to. Visuals had not kicked in and it was purely a comical body high. We saw many bright and vivid plants that popped out like a sore thumb. They looked beautiful. I then lost my sense of reality and instantly we were back at C's house. I could not remember how we made it safely back to his house and neither could C or P. As we march the last steps to his house, C and P tell me that they want to avoid C's mother and ask to chill in my car and talk. I was not about to disagree with them, although I did have the urge to walk outside instead of cramping into a musty car. We pile into the car, and stay there for 10 minutes. I start to feel nauseated, but it does not effect the trip in any way. At this point it was 8:30pm and we were steadily climbing higher and higher. Next thing I know, we leave the car and head into C's house. 

C all of a sudden told us he was very tired, and headed into his room to sleep. We didn't give it a thought and let him trudge into his room. P turns on Futurama, and I lose track of time for nearly 30 minutes. Next thing I know, I was extremely high, and almost at the peak of my trip. I laugh a lot. P then explained that he needed some fresh air. I wanted to go with him, but I was too stoned to accompany him on the street. He leaves, and I think little of it as I am left alone at a friends house to trip on mushrooms. From this point, at 9:30, things get really weird.

10 minutes after P leaves, I sit and wait. I expected him to return shortly, but he never does. Anxiety starts to creep in and I find myself craving human connection. 20 minutes later, C's dad comes home to find his son sleeping at 9:45. He gives me a weird look and questions to himself why his normally late-hour son is asleep at such an early time. It feel extremely anxious, now realizing I am in the wrong place at the wrong time. His son is asleep and now it is unknown why I am still in their house. My goal was to wait for P and to sleep at C's house, but P had not returned. C's dad leaves the house for the night and I could not feel more awkward.  

At 10pm, my anxiety levels increase as I continue to wait for P (I don't find out till morning that he left completely for his house). I realize I need to grab a mattress from the garage and I walk down the hall to do so. Almost like a blow to the face, I am hit with hallucinations and lightheadedness, not to mention that there was no light on in the hallway. I grip the sides of the wall, and have a mild panic attack. I manage to find my way to C's room and wake him saying," C help me man I screwed up man" over and over for what seemed like 20 seconds. His mom's room was right next to his and I did not even think to quiet myself as I slipped into full blown panic. It was almost as if I thought he could help stable me and lead me back to the couch. I bumped back down the hallway, disregarding the failed attempt to grab a suitable sleeping pad. I fall onto the couch, and lay there paralyzed for 10 minutes. At 10:10, I at once snapped out of the panic mode. I felt completely in control of my actions and my state of mind. I then decided I did not belong in this lonely house and proceeded to drive home.

Now I can tell you, this single event was one of the most crazy and peculiar events of my life. As I pulled out of the curb, the road begin to stretch back and forth, almost as if someone was stretching a rubber band. I let a car go by and I pulled into the street. I turned into a much larger street, a highway, and then banked right to accelerate up a hill. The incline seemed to lead me into the heavens, taking me long to reach the summit. I then coast down the hill, seeing hallucinations of many people walking on the sides of the street. Foliage and street signs were warping and twisting, creating a tunnel that I followed to eventually take a left, then right, and to my houses street. Many times I felt as if I was in an Alice and Wonder Land movie, noting how un realistic and Amazingly cool the visions were as I sped past cars and houses. I continued to see visions of people every where I looked and It was like nothing I had ever seen before. I finally pulled into my driveway at 10:30 pm.

I bustled into my room, hoping to not interact with my mom and my sister. I successfully did so, and sat down in my chair. At that point, I began to recall the nights events. It had felt as if I had dropped the shrooms 6 hours before, but in fact it had only been 3 hours. A general mood of dismay came about me as I sit thinking about the mayhem I caused at C's house. Loop thoughts played over in my mind about my plea for help in C's hallway and the fact that I possibly woke C's mom. I was anxiety ridden to the point where I just wanted to get to sleep and pass out. As I lay down in my bed, I could not rid myself of these loop thoughts and continued to think about them for 45 minutes. At 11:45, I fell into a state of stupor, almost like a sub conscience loop thought (still on my mild panic attack at C's house) and continued to do so until 12:47, where I woke again and  finally went to sleep.

I woke to find many revelations that eased the nervousness from late-last night. Most importantly, I had not waken C's mom (as later stated by C).

Analysis/ Reflection of the Night
     I experienced first hand the importance of setting. I was left alone to trip by myself in someone else's house, and never again will this happen. Some blame can be retributed to my friends as they quickly forgot the significance of the drug, and forgot all together that they were tripping. They left on their own terms. I take most of the blame myself for not evaluating the situation in hand as I took the mushrooms in a place that I should not have. 
     I also experienced for the first time "real" hallucinations and the effect on my way of thinking. Under the influence of mushrooms I could no longer think logically for myself or reason in any way. I now understand the power and legitimacy of this fungi and the fact that it took control of my mind.
     Although the night turned out negatively and one could say that I had a semi-bad-trip, I still feel positive that mushrooms have great potential to teach me things about my life and guide me to fix and correct aspects that I do not find pleasing. This event is nothing but a minor bump in the road of a long relationship with this substance. Thank you for reading.

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